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Tile of Spain’s Cevisama Trend Report

In our previous issue, we provided our own assessment of Cevisama 2024, a show characterised by a small number of confidently expressed design ideas. Below, representatives of Tile of Spain and ASCER offer their own review of the trends at this year’s exhibition.

A true representation of quality, innovation and values worldwide, the Spanish tile industry was out in force at this year’s Cevisama, showcasing an incredible collection of new ceramic tile designs and innovative new techniques for both residential and commercial spaces.
From earthy colour palettes to a charismatic aged look, Maria D Arráez, director of Tile of Spain UK, and Clara Vicedo, marketing and communications executive at ASCER, round up their top six trends spotted at this year’s show that will be leading the world of tile design in 2024:

Earthenware colours
“Rich and warm, this year’s colour palette focuses on introducing the earthy colours of the natural world, both indoors and outdoors. From olive and moss greens to terracotta and clay, Spanish manufacturers have created a diverse selection of tile sizes, finishes and colours; from on-trend terrazzo to three-dimensional brick tiles and distressed large format floor tiles. The result is an inviting space that will stand the test of time.”

Mix and match
“Whether pairing slender linear tiles with square tiles in the same finish or incorporating a tile design which includes both a matt and gloss finish, mixing tiles together was certainly popular among Spanish manufacturers. Adding new dimension and structure to spaces, the diverse tile combinations, surfaces and designs naturally draw the eye in and beautifully catch the light in different ways adding intrigue and interest to homes.”

Textured surfaces
“Manufacturers in Spain are using new and innovative technology to optimise the latest printing and firing techniques to bring incredible new possibilities for ceramics, echoing the tactile textures of natural materials like wood, limestone and marble. From large to small format, these new ceramic designs offer a strong material appeal that will pair with traditional and modern interiors alike.”

Go distressed
“From urban chic to modern farmhouse, distressed ceramic tiles were a popular appearance at this year’s show, with a range of ceramic tile designs for floors and walls in a variety of finishes and colours. Distressed tiles lend an age of authenticity to your décor, whilst offering the amenities of a modern ceramic tile which can keep up with the demands of everyday life.”

“Ceramics lend themselves beautifully to 3D reliefs and varied dimensions and fluted tiles are certainly leading the way. Whether positioned vertically or horizontally, Spanish manufacturers are introducing a series of new fluted tile designs in a variety of finishes, colours and sizes. From larger panels and slabs for bathrooms to smaller, brick tiles for kitchen splashbacks, fluted tiles can now take on any form – whether wood-effect or three-dimensional.”

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