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“The original specialist products for cleaning”

Lithofin describes its line as: “the original specialist products for cleaning, sealing and maintaining ceramics, porcelain, natural & artificial stone, terracotta, quarry and quartz composite”.

Lithofin is produced by Lithofin AG in Germany, and is reportedly renowned for providing “high quality, supremely effective products that are relied on by professionals and domestic customers looking for performance products and superb results”.

Use of the correct maintenance products is essential for the longevity of the sealants and impregnators and also ensuring the stone or tile remains protected and in good condition.

Despite the outstanding properties of porcelain tiles, they can still be at risk of staining. Specialised products such as Lithofin KF Protective Impregnator are designed to prevent the penetration of liquids, rendering the surface oil and water repellent and making every-day cleaning and maintenance much simpler. Impregnators, often referred to as penetrating sealers, are suitable for preserving the look of the tile without altering their appearance.

Using maintenance products, such as Lithofin KF Conditioning Cleaner, is the answer to maintaining porcelain surfaces by dissolving dirt particles on the surface. N.B. Do not use layer forming maintenance products (acrylate or wax based) because they will affect the appearance and the properties of porcelain tiles.

Surfaces requiring a deeper clean or subject to heavy wear and tear occasionally require a more intensive cleaning product, like Lithofin KF Intensive Cleaner. This product is used diluted 1:10 with water and can be used for stubborn marks and deposits.

For porcelain wetrooms or shower rooms products such as Lithofin’s Mildew-Away are available to remove mould and black spots and Limescale-Away to dissolve limescale deposits.

Of its MN Stain Stop product, Lithofin says: “This high performance impregnator continues to set the standard in the industry and is the top selling impregnating sealer providing maximum protection from staining and rendering the surface oil, water and grease repellent.”

Lithofin MN Stain-Stop ECO is a water-based protective treatment. The impregnator has reportedly been optimised for porous natural stone surfaces and offers protection against water and oil stains.
The combination of active ingredients has been formulated to allow for fast and easy absorption. As a result, the product is said to be easy and safe to apply, leading to an excellent water and oil repellent effect.

The company’s MN Wash & Clean can be used on all natural stones with all finishes: honed, polished, etc. The high yielding concentrate contains active maintenance components and mildly alkaline cleaning agents. These agents are specifically designed to support and enhance the effect of protective treatments and leave stone “beautifully clean and fresh”.

For deeper cleaning of these stone areas, the company’s MN Power Clean can be diluted with water and used with a white emulsifying pad to remove slightly more ingrained contamination and also possible efflorescence build up.

For cement-based grout joints around ceramic tiles the active ingredients within Lithofin’s KF Grout Protector provide what the company calls an excellent water and oil repellent effect. Oil and other substances remain on the surface where they can easily be removed; suitable in kitchens and bathrooms for easy maintenance.

Lithofin Easy Care is designed for gentle cleaning and maintenance of surfaces such as natural stone, quarry tiles, unglazed ceramics, terracotta. With active cleaning agents that take up the dirt, making them easy to remove with wiping, the remaining thin care film reportedly remains free of wax and does not build any layers.

Lithofin Wexa is a multi-purpose deep cleaning concentrate, designed to dissolve and thoroughly remove grease and oil deposits, soot and rubber marks. The product is suitable for textured and anti-slip ceramics with course surfaces and for deep cleaning grout joints.
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