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Sustonable, the circular design surface

Sustonable is a recycled and recyclable circular design surface made of recycled PET plastic bottles and natural stone. The plastic used is post-consumer, aimed to reduce the plastic that goes into oceans and landfills every year.

“At Sustonable, we are committed to the circular economy,” the company says. “That is why we recycle as many plastics as possible to keep them in use, out of the environment, and not involving any new raw materials. We recycle 100 PET plastic bottles per every sqm of surface.”

Post-consumer plastics are plastics that, after being discarded, are picked up, cleaned, and reprocessed and converted into recycled plastics. This process allows the reuse of plastics and converts them into new products, reducing plastic waste in the environment.

At the end of life, the company’s surfaces can be recycled and reintroduced again, preventing the creation of more waste.

The product is available in 12 different designs as standard, but it can also feature a printed design: wood, marble type, stone, concrete, watercolour, even a logo or an image. The product is suitable for various applications including worktops, vanity tops, countertops, cladding, bathroom wall panels, wall panels and furniture.

No hazardous chemicals are involved in the production, the company says, while the total VOCs (volatile organic components) for the material is 33µg/m3. To obtain the Greenguard certification, the maximum amount is 500µg/m3.

According to the company’s results, the product’s APD is on average 67% lower than traditional materials used for decorative surfaces (engineered quartz, solid surfaces, HPL, ceramics).

Sustonable ADP is 161 Megajoules (MJ), while the median is 537 MJ. In other words, the company says, the product saves energy while producing the same amount of sqm.

The EPD for the surface is 11kg CO2eq, comparing favourably to similar materials, the company says, which average 31kg CO2eq. “Hence architects, designers, retailers, distributors concerned about climate change and sustainability could use our material to improve their environmental footprint.”

Thanks to the water treatment equipment used in its manufacture, Sustonable recovers 85% of the water used during production. Additionally, the natural stone and plastic bottles used to manufacture the material are sourced locally.

Sustonable says the material is resistant to chipping and cracking, is easy to clean and does not discolour over time.

To highlight the cost of installation, the company says Sustonable can range from 10-25% cheaper than engineered stone to install. Additionally, there are no hidden maintenance costs. After installation, there is no need to add any extra maintenance on top of daily cleaning habits.

“Sustonable is a global solution for a global problem and it can be used anywhere in the world, and almost anywhere at home (making home life better)” the company says, “in kitchen countertops, kitchen fronts for the cabinets, backsplashes, vanity tops, shower wall panels, interior wall panels, table boards for furniture…

“Join us in this marathon against plastic waste.”

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