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Sustainable wetroom solutions with a 10-year guarantee

During the past 4 decades, wedi’s XPS innovations have grown into an extensive, versatile product portfolio. Known for its premium quality waterproofing XPS solutions, the visionary manufacturer offers secure product systems with unrivalled experience.
With the 40th anniversary of its foundation just around the corner, the brand places a great emphasis on its identity.

EXPERIENCE. What begun in 1983 with its first tile backerboard, has developed into a wealth of experience, that is unique to the XPS industry.

SYSTEM. From the outset, the focus was to provide interlocking product solutions that stand the test of time and make life easier for everyone involved – this is known today as the wedi system.
VISION. The signature of the wedi brand is to envision extraordinary, remarkable solutions and develop them with practicality and functionality in mind.

What if …
At the beginning, every wedi solution was just a “mental game”. The current wedi portfolio is the ultimate proof that any vision can be turned into a system with the right mindset and experience.

Tried and tested by industry professionals since the 1980s, wedi solutions are proven to effectively prevent leaks for decades to come. Declaring the utmost quality of its products and functionality of its systems, far beyond a standard manufacturer’s warranty, wedi also offers 10-year product quality guarantee on its entire standard product range.

From directly tileable, 100% waterproof XPS elements through clever system accessories to large format, seamless design surfaces – providing that they are installed in line with wedi’s guidelines, each and every product is covered for 10 years.

What if everything was clearly trackable…
It’s a little known fact that wedi is a certified EcoProfit operation, has been since 2016 and is continuously developing its sustainable credentials that include ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

From its vehicle fleet and product packaging, through its own photovoltaic (solar power) system and recycling of the XPS waste into granules on site, to its comprehensive energy saving strategy, wedi places great importance on an energy-efficient, resource-saving approach at every step of the way.

Manufactured with 100% green energy and a large portion of recycled foam core, wedi XPS elements not only hold their own Environmental Product Declaration to comply with sustainable building, but are also certified low-emission products according to the French VOC classification, the German AgBB VOC Regulation and the Finnish M1 emission label.

What if long-lasting quality also contributed to sustainability…
Enhanced thermal insulation – wedi products contribute to the thermal insulation of a building from the inside.

Barrier-free, accessible construction – flush-to-floor shower Fundo systems enable multigenerational use without any adaptation being required.

Assured longevity and protection – 100% waterproof reliable showers and bathrooms with high-quality surfaces eliminate the need for frequent, resource-intensive renovation.

A fully sealed bathroom without concerns of compatibility: simple, safe and functional from a single source offering protection at both substrate and surface level.

Paving the way for a sustainable future, wedi supports its clients in the responsible use of energy and environmental resources while inspiring creative, functional bathroom design.

The new wedi Expert training course is available to attend free of charge at wedi’s Manchester-based training academy. Scan the QR code to fill in your application form.
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