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LITHOFIN: The original specialist products for cleaning, sealing, and maintaining internal and external ceramics, porcelain, natural and artificial stone, terracotta, quarry tiles and quartz composite. TSJ profiles the brand.

Lithofin Products are produced by Lithofin AG in Germany, an internationally recognised authority on cleaning, protecting, and maintaining tile and stone surfaces.

High quality, supremely effective products are relied on by professionals and domestic customers who are looking for exceptional quality and superb results.

Now is the perfect time to clean external tiled surfaces. Keeping them in the best condition is easy with Lithofin Products.

External porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles are made of very fine ceramic materials that are fired at high temperatures; through this process the tiles become hard wearing and very dense.

Externally the surface can be matt and often textured to give extra slip protection. Despite the outstanding properties of porcelain tiles, they can still be at risk of staining and correct maintenance will ensure beautiful, well maintained tiles.

While being low maintenance, contamination can still adhere to the surface of the tiles and this can cause marking or staining. The three products below will remove most types of contamination.

Lithofin KF Intensive Cleaner
Lithofin KF Intensive Cleaner is a light alkaline product that will remove contamination of general greases and dirt; test one stone at a dilution of 1:10 with water and apply generously to the tile, work the product every 1-2 minutes with a stiff deck brush or white pad and after 10-15 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination) rinse several times and remove. If the contamination is lifted, work through in small, controlled sections.

Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean
Water can often sit on the porcelain and produce salts or water marks; to remove these – test on one tile in a discreet area. Pre-wet the joints (if cement based), with fresh water – test/apply Lithofin Ceramic Clean diluted 1:3 with water and work the full tile to be cleaned, keep scrubbing and activating with a stiff brush and white cleaning pad for several minutes. Then rinse and remove.

Some sections or areas may require a second application and others may need extra attention with a stronger dilution to remove a thicker contamination of salts. Once the test tile is completed, work through in small controlled sections, possibly only 1 to 2 sq. m at a time.

Lithofin Ceramic Clean can also be used to test the removal of rust stains from metal furniture and fertilizer pellets where they may have migrated and stained the paved area.

Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner
Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner can be used for the removal of contamination such as algae, leaf staining, stubborn tea, coffee, wine stains, and coloured bird dropping stains.

Initially, test this product on one or two tiles in a discreet area. As porcelain has a very low porosity, this product can be applied neat to the tiles for 10-20 minutes, scrub with a stiff brush every 1-2 minutes. If required, leave the product working for longer where there is more stubborn contamination. After the saturation time rinse several times to remove the contaminated water and product.

External Natural Stone
Depending upon the stone’s texture, these areas can be simple to maintain. The more textured stones can be prone to contaminants and dirt sitting in the small pores and capillaries of the stone and this can lead to the floor looking grubby; such areas will require deeper cleaning.

It is possible (if required) to impregnate these surfaces to give water and oil repellence and ease maintenance. Test one of our suitable natural stone specific impregnating or colour enhancing sealers for this purpose. Before the surface is impregnated ensure that the stone is completely dry and released of all moisture. Test a spare stone or a discreet area for suitability and colour change.

For thorough cleaning of Natural Stone outdoor areas Lithofin MN Power-Clean is ideal for an overall deep clean. This product removes grease, general and ingrained dirt residues and is also suitable for an initial clean of newly laid surfaces to remove dusting. This mild alkaline cleaner is recommended for all types of natural and artificial stone and is suitable for acid sensitive stones.

For effective cleaning of patios and outdoor paving Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner is ideal for removing the marks left by leaf and plant tannins, black spores, and bird droppings, etc. This product works fast and thoroughly with the highly active ingredients providing impressive results. Surfaces can be jet washed initially to remove loose surface debris. It is ideal for both concrete and natural stone surfaces.

If algae is an issue Lithofin ALGEX cleans away algae, common dirt and slippery green deposits from patios, steps, paths, walls and wooden fences, decking, etc. It also contains an inhibitor to stop spores re-colonising in the stone or decking for 6-12 months, keeping surfaces clear of new deposits. This product is self-acting and can be used on surfaces such as natural stone, concrete, quarry tiles and wood so that they are thoroughly cleaned and brightened. If the deposits have turned black, clean the surface with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner. Spray Lithofin Algex as a preventive treatment a few days after cleaning and repeat this preventive treatment once a year to maintain the appearance year-round.

Treating External Natural Stone
To protect absorbent natural and engineered stone surfaces against staining our leading two external sealers are ideal – Lithofin STAINSTOP >W< is a special water-based impregnator that largely prevents penetration of water, oil, and grease to make maintenance easier. The product is UV resistant and does not yellow, it penetrates the surface forming an invisible film in the capillaries.

The solvent-based option is Lithofin MN Stain Stop. Surfaces must be fully dry before application so an eye on the weather forecast is essential!

Lithofin Products are available nationwide and to find your nearest stockist and for further product information: Please visit www.casdron.co.uk or www.lithofin.co.uk

The Lithofin Technical Support Line is available from 8.30-5.00 on weekdays with Technical Experts available to advise on all your stone cleaning, protection, and maintenance queries. Videos at: https://casdron.co.uk/pages/video-gallery
Lithofin UK, Casdron, Wood End,
Prospect Road, Alresford, SO24 9QF.
Technical Support: 01962 732126

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