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Sourcing the people you need to make your projects achievable now

The world is changing fast, and the pace of change is continuously increasing. While this has made it easier to start businesses it is getting increasingly difficult to find time to do everything , says Mike Orchard, founder of Skills Hive.

In the past, when faced with resourcing issues, you would just hire more people, but in the current business climate we know that it is increasingly important to stay agile. Now, one solution is to appoint a Skills Hive associate with the specialist knowledge to deliver your project.

The company’s professionals work closely with you to design a brief that reflects your project requirements, before building a collaborative team of freelancers, graduates and flexible workers with the blend of skills to implement your plan on time and on budget.

Skills Hive have put together teams to deliver:
Operational efficiency

A growing electrical contractor was worried about operational efficiency, so Skills Hive reviewed its systems and implemented an integration that allowed engineers to issue invoices from their mobiles, improving cashflow by over 2 weeks.

Marketing resource co-ordination
An international consulting firm was struggling to co-ordinate resource to deliver its rebrand project on time and budget. Skills Hive took over the project management, putting in place systems and processes to get things back on track in time for go live.

Strategic product dev
A health and wellbeing company couldn’t see the wood for the trees, despite knowing that the time was right to scale the business. The Skills Hive team worked closely with the company to define strategy, develop a roadmap and deliver the 12 month product development plan before handing back to the core team.

Many companies receive advice, some even put together growth plans. But not all get to implement the plans to deliver growth.

Helping businesses scale
Skills Hive is all about helping businesses to scale. No matter what sector you are in, what stage you are at, or what barriers seem to be in your way, it can work with you to chunk down the challenges into manageable pieces, where it can deliver progress at a fixed cost.

In October, the company will be launching The University of Greenwich’s first Business Accelerator programme. If you want to invest 3 hours a week for 8 weeks in growing your business, get in touch. You will work with a selection of experts and mentors to produce a bespoke roadmap to scale your business and a pitch deck to attract the support you need to deliver your plans.
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