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Simplifying drainage installation with two stylish solutions

Tight deadlines, complicated and arduous waterproofing work, and uneven surfaces are just some of the challenges that tradespeople face on construction sites. Tackling these issues can often be labour-intensive and time-consuming, but there are quick and easy-to-install drainage solutions available, Klaus Kaufmann, export manager for Dallmer explains…

One system, two solutions

Dallmer, a family-owned German manufacturer of high quality, high precision drainage parts for bathrooms and showers, was founded in 1913. The company started out in engraving, and from the outset had high standards for design, precision, and craftmanship.

Today, those principles are at the core of the business as it continues to innovate, inspire, and develop simple and effective drainage systems to make a tradesperson’s job easier.

The easy-to-install DallFlex and DallDrain are two market-leading products in the field of drain bodies and shower channels. Their premium design and customisable finishes mean the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Introducing DallFlex

In 2013, Dallmer ‘revolutionised’ the shower drainage channel by launching the DallFlex system. The system is ideal for shower underlays and line drainage. It comprises of a click-in sealing sleeve and removable, top-mounted odour trap.

The innovative drain housing can easily be assembled and its blue mounting feet are adjustable to the millimetre to fit with a wide variety of shower channels.

No fewer than nine shower channels can be combined with DallFlex, from the exclusive Select premium model to the budget-friendly Pure design, and it offers numerous stylish and easy-to-install options for all types of walls and surfaces.

As easy as it is to install, the DallFlex is just as simple to clean and maintain. The removable trap allows for direct access to clear debris, hair, and soap scum.

Introducing DallDrain

With the success and popularity of the DallFlex, Dallmer reengineered these innovative and intelligent features to create DallDrain.

The DallDrain system has been specifically designed for shower surfaces and is an alternative to the shower channel. The tried and tested click-in sealing sleeve and state-of-the-art composite waterproofing with a click-in collar, is a simple piece of craftsmanship that complies with British standards BS 5385.

As with the DallFlex system, the individually adjustable blue mounting feet can be quickly and securely fixed to the raw concrete ceiling and be adjusted, if necessary.

In addition to the simple and millimetre-precise height adjustment, the mounting feet are also used for sound decoupling. Together with the sound insulation mat, this allows the product to meet the specifications of BS 8233. The supplied positioning aid also helps to align the attachments without errors, while the movable ball-point end allows for a stress-free connection to the sewage pipe.

Cleaning is easy with the DallDrain. The odour trap is located directly under the grate and can be removed so that dirt can be rinsed out.

DallDrain offers three drain housings and 18 attachments suitable for all surfaces. It is customisable and suitable for almost every style and finish in new buildings, commercial buildings, and home renovations.

Coloured highlights can be set with DallDrain. Options include zinc yellow, ocean blue, black, and many more, while the gratings of the new ColourCollection are available in 16 different colours and give every bathroom a very individual touch.

Why Dallmer?

Our DallFlex and DallDrain systems have been specifically designed to reduce installation time and achieve a truly spectacular finish. Cleaner and faster installation, avoiding mistakes, stylish finish are just some of the compliments we regularly receive from our satisfied customers.

Specialist tradespeople benefit in many ways by using our sophisticated pioneering systems. Both offer maximum safety on the construction site with numerous well-thought-out details – and we believe they have become the new standard for drainage in bathrooms and wet rooms.

These products are a tradesperson’s dream to install, saving them time and effort, while resulting in a high quality, stylish, and customisable finish.

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