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Rubi: much more than manual tile cutters

TSJ explores the impressive legacy of the Rubi tiling tool brand and some of its latest innovations.

Starting in 1951 with the invention of a tile cutter for hydraulic mosaic, RUBI has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the tiling industry worldwide for over 70 years.

This invention served as a steppingstone for developing a strong company that designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment and tools for cutting and laying all types of tiles. Since then, this family business has grown and now produces a range of manual and electric tile cutters, along with a variety of products and accessories designed to make the tilers job as easy and proficient as can be.

Our TX-MAX professional manual cutters line is perfect for intensive cutting of all types of Porcelain tiles, thanks to the high-performance multipoint breaker and its rotating square system.

The tubular steel guides of 30mm in diameter and the head with extra-long aluminium slides deliver impressive structural robustness to our tools, making the most of the TX-1020 MAX and TX-1250 MAX models with the highest cutting capacity.

These models allow our customers to quickly execute angular cuts, from 0º to 45º, especially in porcelain stoneware tiles. But these manual cutters don’t stop there. While you can use these tools to create straight linear cuts, these powerful machines can also make a variety of scores, such as a zigzag or curved cut, giving you more creative options when tiling.

The new ratchet and trigger system allows for scoring and separating so easy that it can be done with just one hand. Additionally, the TX-MAX comes equipped with two supplementary arms for large format tiles, and the TX-1250 MAX model comes with four, providing more stability and control when cutting.

These tools have become a staple in many professional tiler’s kits, from their one-handed feature to the variety of cuts that they can make, not to mention their 1200kg breaking power for cutting the hardest materials.

For larger format tiles up to 3.3 metres we recommend our SLIM CUTTER PLUS. It offers a solution that guarantees success for large, fragile porcelain sheets greater than 3,000mm by 1,000mm with a thickness from 3 to 10mm. Our aluminium guides assemble together quickly and are secured with suction cups and two silicone strips for those making a simple straight cut. When used this way, the SLIM CUTTER PLUS will create a perfect score 10mm from the edge of the guide itself.

However, this product can also create unique and curved cuts simply by using the scoring carriage by itself without using the aluminium guides provided. This allows you to make full use of the SLIM CUTTER PLUS for the challenging shapes tilers can come across on site. The scoring carriage is mounted with a Ø 22mm tungsten carbide scoring wheel with bearings, specifically designed to work with the aluminium guides.

For the TX-MAX cutters, the multipoint breaker separates the tile; for the SLIM CUTTER PLUS, the pliers are in charge of tile separation after scoring. These pliers allow tilers to work with materials up to 10mm thick, but for pieces greater than this (11 to 15mm), we created our SLIM SEPARATOR. The tile will separate along the scoring line by using the pliers at the edge of each sheet with gentle but persistent pressure.

This entire system is supplied with a practical bag that features interior compartments and the necessary tools for assembly, making the transportation of this kit straightforward.

But, if you’re after something with a bit more power, then take a look at our extensive range of electric cutters. Our DCX-250 Xpert professional cutters are designed for the demanding cutting of porcelain, ceramic tile, and the occasional natural stone, such as granite or marble. We incorporated reinforced handles into their design and included off-road style wheels to help transport our products when working on site.

These electric cutters are ideal for making perfectly straight and smooth cuts, and the adjustable head of the DCX-250 can create a mitre cut. To facilitate mitring, we recommend an additional set of flanges to increase the blade clamping surface and reduce bending of the blade, elongating its life

From reinforced legs and a quick locking system, a safety device that prevents involuntary folding during use, to an adjuster that allows you to get the correct levelling of the cutting table, this range of electric cutters will give you the best experience while you work.

This tool also includes the Python cooling system; this innovative design means that the water application point can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the material being cut, ensuring that the water hits the cut point directly every time, while simultaneously cleaning the blade.

Our products and equipment are designed to make every tiler and landscapers job as easy as it can be. From our levelling systems, suction cups and knee pads, to our diamond drill bits and blades, and with new products on the horizon every day, we aim to provide solutions to every tiler.

The success of our products is the result of the strength and brand recognition among professionals worldwide, backed by our highly reliable international customer service.

Register your tools with CLUB RUBI to earn points that can be turned into money, and sign up for our newsletter on our website to stay up to date with our products.

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