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Repairing loose/hollow tiles on underfloor heated areas

It’s always a big question: can you repair loose & hollow tiles in areas with underfloor heating? The answer is a resounding yes, according to Fix-A-Floor.

The company’s repair adhesive has been specifically formulated to repair loose & hollow floor tiles without the need to remove or replace them. Once cured it dries with elastomeric properties, the company says, which allow it to cope with fluctuations in temperature without debonding from the substrate.

Encountering loose or hollow tiles around areas with underfloor heating is quite common. Fix-A-Floor says it provides a professional and proven way to repair this without having to remove or replace any tiles which could potentially damage the underfloor heating below.

The most common issue with underfloor heated tiled floors is thermal shock. This is when the tile adhesive is exposed to sudden changes in temperature such as direct sunlight, contact with water or incorrect usage of the underfloor heated systems by the customer shortly after installation.

The only way to prevent thermal shock is to use the correct materials that are appropriate for the designated area and ensure installation guidelines and maintenance are followed, this assumes that the customer follows the specific instructions given by the installer on completion of the job.

Fix-A-Floor can be used on floors affected by thermal shock as it is designed to re-bond the loose tiles with the substrate while allowing for any future movements with heat fluctuations due to its elastomeric properties once cured.

The product won the Best Innovation award at TTA’s annual awards and is “widely recognised by the tile trade as the go-to product to successfully repair loose or hollow tiles and especially those with underfloor heating,” the company says. The product enables tiles to be repaired in-situ, removing the threat of damage to the tile or indeed underfloor heating itself which could be costly.

Fix-A-Floor can be applied straight from the tube using its customisable tip which allows for holes as small as 2.5mm. The tips have marked lines showing clear cut points allowing for on the fly customisation of the tip to various sizes. Every tube comes with a click-on cap that helps to retain any unused adhesive in-between uses saving any wastage and it also prevents any adhesive from clogging in the tip.

For extremely hard-to-reach areas or thin grout-lines, a Micro-Syringe precision kit with a stainless-steel flat tip needle can be screwed onto the standard bottle and applied directly using a caulking gun, while for even more control, you can use the 60ml syringe which can be filled and applied where a caulking gun isn’t an option.

The product is reportedly non-toxic, non-flammable, eco-friendly and works on all types of tile, marble, stone, ceramic (including tiles which have become loose due to anhydrite screed issues) and it even works on creaky wood flooring to stop movement, the company says.

Fix-A-Floor UK are members of BASA (British Adhesives & Sealants Association) and UK Trade Body The Tile Association.
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