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PCS prepare for growth in spa and wellness sector

PCS Spa and Wellness division has seen unprecedented demand over the last 3 years, benefitting from an increase in sales of both UK and international markets.  TSJ lays out the story.

Following our company inception in 2003, PCS have continued to meet the growing demand for high performance thermal construction products for the tiling and construction industries.  With unwavering integrity, commitment to quality and customer service, PCS continue to go from strength to strength.

Like many businesses, PCS have adapted to working through these current demanding times. As a UK manufacturer of Tile Backer products, PCS remain optimistic for the future.

In our commitment to supply the industries we serve, during Brexit and throughout the Covid Pandemic our employees remained united, and as a result are stronger and more resourceful than ever before. In recent months we have increased our productivity to help customers meet the growing demand for UK manufactured tile backer boards.

PCS Spa and Wellness division has seen unprecedented demand over the last 3 years benefitting from an increase in sales of both UK and international markets. This growth has been achieved by providing our manufacturing services to Spa and Wellness Environment designers based across the UK, Portugal and recently France. PCS have created a range of Spa Seating, Spa Loungers, and free-standing Spa Pods. To add credence to the creativity and quality of the PCS Spa Wellness range, our Spa Wellness division has been honoured to partner on some truly stunning projects in the Wellness Sector across Europe and across the UK.

Through continued improvement to our products, PCS aim to increase sales across all product ranges, including Delta products and spa and wellness products.

2022 will see contractors breaking ground on a new factory facility which will be erected adjacent to our current factory premises. A second purpose-built UK production facility will double our existing output allowing us to meet customer and industry needs as we move into the future.

PCS continually strive to advance the performance of its products with a dedicated technical team that regularly evaluate the PCS product portfolio to improve products through design, production, and material matrix development. Through continued product improvement and development, PCS have added Aqualay, a patented water-based, underfloor pipe carrier panel into its portfolio. Developed as an overlay panel for water based underfloor heating systems, Aqualay reduces the reliance on heavy cement screeds. Aqualay provides protection against downward heat loss, whilst the inbuilt cement heat transfer core disperses heat across the floor for more efficient heat distribution around the room. Due to its high compression strength, Aqualay underfloor heating panels provide the ideal substrate under tiles.

PCS is also the manufacturer of DeltaBoard, an industry recognised quality brand with boards available through a nationwide distribution network of approved stockists.

DeltaBoard is approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).  The BBA regularly audits our manufacturing processing facility, providing assurances to our customers that DeltaBoard has been rigorously tested and verified. The BBA is a sign of British manufacturing excellence, an assurance that our products are fit for their intended applications.

DeltaBoard tile backer boards are responsible for enhancing the performance of over 3 million square metres of underfloor heating systems installed around the UK by significantly reducing downwards heat loss.

Used extensively within the construction industry from National House Builders to professional bathroom installers, PCS products can provide the ideal substrate to meet the most demanding tiling project requirements. Approved by NHBC, DeltaBoard has been tested to carry a vertical tile load capacity of 85 kg per m2 and has a Fire Performance classification E in accordance with BSEN 13501-1.  DeltaBoard has an impressive 36 ton per m2 compression rating making it an extremely robust floor substrate.

By developing a knowledgeable and experienced team of product designers and investment in manufacturing, we see a bright future ahead.
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