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NoMorePly floorboards for the ‘ultimate surface’

When it comes to installing the perfect foundation on which to apply tiles, carpet, laminate, or any other floor covering, STS says there are a few major considerations every homeowner needs to consider.

  1. Squeaky floors is an issue often overlooked when planning a property but can be disastrous if the problem arises once all your floor coverings are down.
  2. Mould is a nightmare in any area – well water may seep through the grout line or floor covering and cause the timber floor to expand and/or mould.
  3. Fire resistance is often a consideration in roof spaces and commercial properties to ensure the fire safety is up to the building standards specification.
  4. 100% load bearing is a necessity for all flooring but especially when working with high end and expensive natural stone/tiled flooring.
  5. Thermal mass – important when considering the overall thermal properties of any room or property, especially when working with under floor heating.

STS says that its NoMorePly Fibre Cement TG4 floorboards offer you all of the above and more. The NoMorePly TG4 floorboards are used on any floor that’s typically finished in tiles. Bathrooms, wet rooms, hallways, kitchens, and new extensions – especially when specified with underfloor heating. They are also used to level up floors, particularly useful when extensions create new open-plan living areas including balconies and other external floor substrates, such as outdoor tiled areas.

NoMorePly TG4 is reportedly a popular choice for mezzanine floors and for use in the construction of modular buildings. It’s an ideal non-combustible barrier in commercial environments and now frequently used in the construction of flat roofs.

Developers use these boards as alternatives to timber, simply to provide squeak free flooring and improved acoustic performance. STS says they choose NoMorePly TG4 over wet screed for speed and simplicity. Don’t feel restricted to using these boards with tiles – they can be used as a substrate to engineered timber flooring and finished with carpets and linoleum.

These boards absorb and release heat efficiently without losing shape over time, so no squeaks guaranteed, making them compatible with all types of wet and electric underfloor heating systems.

Quick facts

• 22mm or 18mm thick – for new floors or refurbishment

• 1,200x600mm (0.72sq m) – convenient one-man lift

• Tongue and groove to four sides – less waste, quick to fix


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