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Marmox Slicedstone Sheets achieve “international acclaim”

According to wetroom specialist Marmox, architects and interior designers, along with professionals across the tiling trade have long craved a product which could deliver the richness and sophistication of natural stone cladding with the convenience, cost saving and flexibility of laminate materials. Now, an addition to the company’s range has reportedly made this dream a reality.

The UK manufacturer has an established and integrated range of products which includes the tilebacker and multipurpose XPS insulation panel, Multiboard, as well as Thermoblock: designed to offer a solution to the challenge of thermal bridging at positions such as the wall/floor junction or beneath parapet walls.

Marmox introduced the original Slicedstone mosaics into its portfolio three years ago and “immediately earned praise from specifiers” for presenting them with the option of an affordable, natural stone alternative to ceramic tiles, which was also quick and easy to install. The recent addition of a large format version is being viewed as a “game-changer” for the industry, the company says.

At an approximate thickness of 3-5mm and using the latest technology, the Slicedstone sheets are sliced from slabs of Indian sandstone and re-engineered with a stabilising backing layer. The natural stone blend substrate is treated with a clear polycarbonate solution, aimed to offer a flexible surface that is both stable and fully resistant to water, as well as being stain resistant: which allows for the easy removal of grout and adhesive residue.

Grant Terry, marketing manager at Marmox, commented: “Our Slicedstone mosaics have been very well received by the market since we launched them back in 2019 with tilers and general builders confirming they were fast and easy to install, while specifiers really liked the colours and textures of the genuine Indian sandstones from which they are sliced.”

“The mosaics found applications in bathrooms, wetrooms and even in outdoor settings around swimming pools and balconies where they can cope with the weather as well as water and the full spectrum of cleaning products. Significantly, though, we’ve now been able to enhance our offer with the introduction of Slicedstone Sheets which we launched during the Design Show at the Islington Business Design Centre in February. We made it the main focus of our stand there and the impact it made with architects and interior designers was immediate.”

While the super-slimline stone sheets are reportedly already being incorporated into commercial and residential projects in the UK, one of the first uses of Slicedstone was in New Cairo, Egypt, where the developers of the luxury Rio Gardens complex utilised it to clad three villas and for the hard landscaping. Some 12,000sqm of Slicedstone was specified to harmonise with surroundings.

The recently-introduced large dimension Slicedstone Sheets can be employed externally to clad walls or internally as a waterproofing solution – for bathrooms and wetrooms – or to create feature elevations. Supplied on a roll, the product can be used on various substrates including plaster walls and steel or wood surfaces.

According to the company, the large format means savings will be made on the cost of grout and adhesive – as well as the reduced labour through quicker installation.

The sheets are available in three sizes: 1220x610mm, 2100x1050mm and 2400x1050mm, weighing between 2.5 to 3kg per square metre. Additionally, they’re 4 ± 1.5mm thick and offer a moisture absorption rate of less than 2.5%.

Cut from natural sandstone, each sheet is said to be unique in appearance – while an inbuilt waterproof decoupling membrane makes them straightforward to install. Their textured colours across multiple ranges present a palette aimed to inspire any architect, designer or homeowner’s creativity. They are, furthermore, UV resistant and will not fade over time.

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