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Integrated Marmox product range simplifies bathroom projects

Along with shower trays and waterproofing systems, the comprehensive Marmox range encompasses products which can create the sub-structure for any fit-out.  TSJ explains the offer.

Remodelling a bathroom can nowadays typically cost £5-10K, though more extravagant homeowners can quite easily put another nought on the end of that if they choose.  The budget will naturally depend on the size of the room and the customer’s choice of ceramics, along with other fittings, but it is also the case that refurbishing a bathroom generally involves more trade skills than any other room in the house.

As well as the plumber, an electrician and tiler are almost certain to be involved, but with floor layers and a mastic coving specialist, the total can approach double figures, so it makes sense to seek out design solutions which can smooth the way for other trades.  

In fact, there is an integrated range of well proven wetroom systems, which are widely used by specialist installers, or that can effectively upskill the role of the general builder.

Along with shower trays and waterproofing systems, the comprehensive Marmox range encompasses products which can create the sub-structure for any fit-out and help insulate the space, and even embraces unique natural stone finishes.

Probably the most versatile material within the Marmox range is Multiboard: a high-performance extruded polystyrene (XPS) which is fully waterproof and can be fixed using the special washers then sealed using Marmox waterproof tape and MSP360 sealant.  Multiboards are offered in thicknesses up to a maximum 60mm, which is ideal for construction purposes, and as thin as 4mm, which acts as an ideal floor covering when height is an issue. There is currently a national shortage of 4mm tilebacker boards but Marmox hold a large amount of stock in the UK, which is available on a 3-5 day delivery. As an insulated substrate Multiboard is suitable for plastering as well as tiling.  

In flooring applications, it is significant that they serve as a de-coupling layer to prevent movement in the sub-floor – especially floorboards and joists – leading to cracking of tiles or the opening of joints in other finishes.  As part of a floor build-up, Multiboard will help optimise the output of either wet or electric underfloor heating systems.

Not only is Multiboard, and the acoustic rated SoundBoard, strong enough to support loadings such as wheelchairs and foot traffic, but they can also be used to create steps or raised areas within a wetroom.  One customer created an entire dog grooming facility, fully waterproofed within a wooden cabin using Multiboard, fleece and 360 sealant.

For those seeking even greater style freedom, the range also includes curved boards, which feature deep parallel grooves to allow them to be bent down to a radius of just 200mm: to create sweeping walls and partitions or even column casings.

Marmox has continued to extend its selection of special features: with the recent addition of a Corner Shelf and Niches, both of which can be installed within a bathroom, wetroom or the actual shower cubicle.    While the Shelf is triangular and fits over two short profiles screwed into the corner between adjoining walls, each Niche is formed from 12.5mm thick XPS and can be fitted into 100mm deep wall cavities; as well as between standard Multiboards to maintain the integrity of the insulation. Both products are fully waterproof, ready to tile and create useful storage space for toiletries.     

Elsewhere Marmox pipe boxing can be employed to conceal the essential hot and cold supplies as well as different diameters of waste pipe, with the 1.25m lengths being supplied flat for the customer to apply a bead of Marmox adhesive along the 450 chamfered edges and fold to create the 900 profile which is fitted using the brackets also available in the range.

The builder or enthusiastic DIY client can be looking at virtually an entire room interior formed from Multiboard and other ‘primary’ Marmox products, but the range still has plenty to offer: with the Slicedstone natural stone finishes proving very popular with interior designers as well as property owners across the country and for those who are seeking to lay mosaic tiles as small as 50 by 50mm within the actual showering area, Marmox Showerlay 360 – now incorporating the user-friendly and ultra-reliable fleece – could provide the ideal protection against point pressure loads causing problems.

The 24mm thick Showerlay 360 profiles are available in a wide variety of sizes from an 800mm square, centre drained version up to an 1,850mm rectangular option.  All of these can be readily cut to shape to form a floor level, barrier-free surface ready for tiling: continuing the Marmox brand’s theme of stylish practicality and versatility.
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