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Individuality rooted in secure systems

As the pioneer of the XPS industry, wedi has introduced many ingenious product innovations to the construction industry in the past 40 years.

The forward-thinking brand was built on the vision of Helmut Wedi, a master tiler from Emsdetten, Germany. What started off with a tileable XPS bath board in 1983 has become a full system solution: wedi’s performance-led product innovations have grown into a large portfolio of premium quality, versatile product solutions over the past four decades.

In wet areas, substrates should always be protected with proper tanking such as with waterproof sheet membrane, applying a paint-on liquid wall membrane or with a completely watertight tile backer board. This is where wedi’s wealth of experience comes into play.

From directly tileable and 100% waterproof XPS elements through clever system accessories to large format, seamless design surfaces – the strength of the brand lies in its system concept. Thanks to their modular nature, wedi XPS elements are designed to interlock with one another, offering unparalleled peace of mind for everyone involved.

  1. Tile backer boards (XPS)
    standard boards in 11 thicknesses between 4-100mm and in 2500×600/900/1200mm formats
    flexible boards to create curved structures in 20/30/50mm thickness
    vapour boards in 12.5/20/50mm thickness
    preformed cladding solutions such as for pipe, bath and toilet cistern cladding
    under-tile heating boards with pre-cut grooves for laying hot-water pipes in 30/40/50/60mm thickness
  2. Flush-to-floor shower
    elements (XPS)
    for point drainage in 21/23/40mm thickness in different formats
    designer trays for point drainage in quadrant, round and shell shapes with or without matching walls
    for linear drainage in 25/50mm thickness in different formats
    with integrated drainage with linear and point design in 65/70/90mm thickness including drainage and cover
  3. Functional design elements
    benches and shower seats
    shelving and storage solutions
    ready-to-use partition wall solutions with or without integrated niche
  4. Wellness cabins and
    bathroom furniture (XPS)
    loungers with or without integrated heating
    steam cabins in different formats
    bathtubs, washstands, washbasins and shower units
  5. Seamless design surfaces in
    different colours and textures
    for wall panelling in 2500mm length 900 or 1200mm widths
    for shower elements with perfectly matched gradients
    for niches with or without integrated LED lights
    for the rounded Sanoasa bench 3
    for toilet cisterns with pre-cut openings for connections

“Additional tanking and priming is not required and our boards can also be directly bonded to stud frames, so there is no need for mechanical fixing either. Our industry-famous versatile wedi 610 adhesive sealant takes care of not only the waterproof adhesion to frames, but also of the bonding and sealing of wedi building board joints in just a single step. Through reducing installation steps, our product solutions eliminate the risk of failure,” Ciaran Feeney, technical manager at wedi UK.

With 133kg/sqm vertical weight-load capability allowing for heavier, large-format tiles and excellent thermal properties making them perfect to use beneath underfloor heating – not to mention the enhanced cementitious coating accounting for the high-water exposure or the partially integrated, 360° rotatable dry-fit drainage technology – the vision of Helmut Wedi has become a reality.

“No nasty surprises with us! We offer high-quality products and system solutions that stand the test of time. Tried and tested by industry professionals over 4 decades, wedi solutions are proven to effectively prevent leakage problems for decades to come,” said Feeney.

wedi XPS products are manufactured with 100% green energy, have a minimum of 25% recycled foam core and have their own Environmental Product Declaration to comply with sustainable building. Paving the way for a sustainable future, wedi supports customers and partners in the responsible use of energy and environmental resources while inspiring creative, functional bathroom design.
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