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Face-to-face returns in Orlando

TSJ reports on the return to face-to-face exhibiting at Coverings 2021, and selects some of the show’s stand out new designs.

Coverings 2021, which took place 7th to 9th July, in Orlando, Florida, has been hailed as a successful return to in-person events by the organiser.

The event offered a robust hybrid platform that allowed for engagement both online and onsite.  Face-to-face networking returned to the forefront at Coverings 2021, which attracted nearly 10,000 registered attendees.  This audience spanned architects, designers, builders, contractors, installers, distributors, fabricators, retailers, and members of the media.

This 10,000 total is roughly 40% of the 25,000 who attended the event in May 2018, when Coverings took place in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2017, when the show was last held in Orlando, Coverings attracted nearly 28,000 professional visitors; a 9% up on Chicago in 2016, and 10% up on Orlando in 2015.

“The attendees of Coverings 2021 were highly charged and enthused about being part of the onsite event,” said Jennifer Hoff, President of organisers, Taffy Event Strategies.  “What’s more was the positive feedback we received from exhibitors, who were able to connect with new and recurring customers like never before through Coverings’ in-person and virtual opportunities.”

Exhibitors’ feedback identified that visitors came primarily to conduct business, make purchasing decisions, and reconnect with the tile and stone industry. Coverings 2021 introduced attendees and exhibitors to new ways of engaging with one another through the Coverings Lounge, Brand + Business Building Zone, interactive Coverings 2021 mobile application, and more.

Coverings also celebrated its 2021 Rock Star winners; giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts about what this recognition means to them.

Exhibitor highlights

  • American Wonder Porcelain:  The light and airy new Annora Porcelain series provides a contemporary interpretation of a linear stone look and is offered in two finishes, two subtle colours and a diverse size package featuring large formats.
  • Anthology Tile:  Inspired by trending shapes elevated with metallic accents, the On the Edge collection features a timeless palette of white, blush, and grey ceramic framed with real gold, platinum and rose gold metallics.
  • Bestile:  Watercolor, a marble-effect range, creates exciting movements wherever used with its depth of colour undulation in white, grey, and marine shades. These detailed, spectacular marble-effect porcelain tiles in 1,200 by 1,200mm and 600 by 1,200mm are an eye-catching choice for walls and floors.
  • Ceramica Del Conca:  Inspired by the elegant look and texture of Luserna stone, the new Lavaredo collection’s stone-effect porcelain tiles are available in two standard sizes, 600 by 600mm and 1,200 by 1,200mm.  Colours range from distinctive green, grey, and brown pigments through to a variety of neutral tones.
  • Cevica:  The Trivial collection, Cevica’s most creative novelty, features 135 by 135 by 135mm triangular wall tiles produced in eight colours, both gloss and matt.  There is a choice of fancy decors to combine with the colours.
  • Crossville:  The Multiplier mosaic tile collection presents a concise offering of must-have colours and shapes for modern floor and wall tile designs, ease of installation, and custom creativity.
  • Dune Ceramica:  Flat Rainbow, a new iridescent effect wall tile, comes in a 75 by 300mm rectangular format with a colour variation from pink to blue to yellow.
  • EnergieKer:  A precious slab suitable for refined interiors, Patagonia is the new marble look in EnergieKer’s Ekxtreme collection. It is available in matt or polished finishes, and sizes up to 1,200 by 2,600mm.
  • Florida Tile: The Amplify ceramic wall tile collection features a raucous mix of texture, pattern and colour that pushes design boundaries.
    Also from Florida Tile, the East Village HDP colour-body, porcelain floor and wall tile collection boasts a wide range of rectified formats complemented by a dramatic, oversized waterjet-cut hexagon and five colour options.
  • Grespania: Spanning a variety of formats, thicknesses, finishes, and effects, the Coverlam Corinto series is notable for its 3D feel generated by abundant veining that reveals tonal changes ranging from bluish greys to rusty reddish shades. It features the spectacular Corinto Infinity, a sequence of four pieces in 1,200 by 2,600mm format with continuous veining that forms an eye-catching 4,800 by 1,200mm tapestry.
  • Happy House: Inspired by the elegance of natural stone and venetian terrazzo, the new Camelot collection comes in eight colours, including four terrazzo-effect designs, and three sizes up to 900 by 900mm.
  • Imola Ceramica: Trail 18 is a new collection designed specifically for outdoor installations in urban and residential settings.  The porcelain tiles are 18mm thick and are available in two small sizes: 200 by 200mm, and 200 by 300mm.
  • La Fabbrica: The Chromatic porcelain tile range features a staggering palette of 80 colours and a series of decorative textures designed by architect Massimo Ghini, with 3D relief patterns in two finishes.  Chromatic allows for endless arrangements on floors and walls with its organic surface and 10 sizes ranging from100 by 100mm through to 300 by 600mm
  • Lamosa USA: The Intrinsic Series is a beautiful arrangement of four powerful, multi-format stones that are de facto statement pieces due to their aesthetic power. The timeless yet trendy Marquant, a Calacatta Gold, is a high-value porcelain tile with shiny gold veins over a bright white background. Sauvage is a statement stone featuring a highly detailed, multi-tone look and textured feel that evokes the mineral and structural changes within the splendid natural stones. The Intrinsic Series is available in 300 by 600mm, 600 by 600mm, and 600 by 1,200mm formats, and various matt finishes.
  • Lea Ceramiche: Synestesia features a soft, silky surface and marble-effect graphics that create authentic veining patterns. Suitable for floors and walls of contemporary, luxurious interiors, the new collection consists of four ceramic marble-effects, two decor effects, three sizes up to 1,200 by 2,600mm, and three ultra-thin formats.
  • Marazzi: The new Scenario glazed porcelain collection emulates tone-on-tone brush strokes typical of majolica tiles found in Mediterranean architecture. Available in 200 by  200mm matt tiles and decors, Scenario presents an interplay of opposites within six decors and three solid colours, creating abstract imagery through curves and clean lines.
  • Natucer: Imagine is a wall tile collection that offers designers the possibility to play, create and customize with various colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Nuovocorso: The Big Slabs brand specializes in the production of large-format porcelain slabs, which are available in various styles and effects.  Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, the slabs come in four finishes, three thicknesses, a 1,600 by 3,200mm size, and a brand-new 1,600 by 1,600mm format specifically designed for outdoor flooring.
  • Pamesa Ceramica: XXL Lux is a new collection of large format slimline slabs. The 1,200 by 2,600mm  format is one of the most popular for big indoor areas, and when it is combined with more conventional large formats, such as 1,200 by 1,200mm, interiors with visual continuity can be achieved.
  • Peronda: Piqué by estudi{H}ac is a new tile collection inspired by an 18th century mechanized technique for weaving double cloth with a heavy cording weft.  From realistic reproductions of fabric textures to upside-down 3D mosaics, the Piqué range includes a variety of formats, shades, relief patterns, and textures.
  • Porcelánicos HDC: Inspired by the marble mountains of Vietnam, the 3D porcelain stoneware collection Thuy is perfect for bringing a vibrant and sculptural touch of marble into the home.
  • Portobello America: The distinctive aesthetic of the Cement Block glazed porcelain collection is created by chromatic nuances and fragments of aggregates. With more subtlety and smoothness, this new material brings the versatility of the cement and the refreshing air of pastel tones to walls or floors.
  • Ragno Ceramiche: The new Look collection pays homage to the majolica tradition and the rich history of Italian ceramics. These 75 by 250mm porcelain stoneware tiles have a beautiful, hand-crafted aesthetic with unrectified edges, a glossy, imperfect finish, and organic variations in colour and pattern.
  • Realonda: The elegance and nobility of marble are the key features of the Venato series, which is displayed in various geometric designs. Thanks to Activ antibacterial technology, the Venato series offers maximum hygiene, and safety, to any area.
  • Sichenia: Inspired by authentic artwork and hand-painted designs, the new Mus_art collection is created when layers of coloured dyes are poured onto the surface and hand-crafted, creating a perfect cohesion of shades.
  • Tagina: The new Onice Reale collection pays homage to a rare variety of Persian Onyx, with its rich colour palette and differing shade intensities. The collection spans six colours enhanced by a high-gloss finish, two thicknesses and five sizes, including two large formats; 1,200 by 2,600mm, and 1,600 by 3,200mm.

On-demand content from the virtual components of Coverings 2021 is now available on Coverings’ website (see below).
Coverings 2022 which will take place from 5th to 8th April, 2022, in Las Vegas
Visit: https://www.coverings.com/

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