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Bringing the indoors outdoors

Azpects has introduced EASYTileAlign, a simple-to-use levelling system designed to ensure a smooth, even surface can be achieved on calibrated, ceramic, or porcelain tiles.

As the trend for outdoor living grows, Azpects says, the garden is swiftly becoming ‘the fifth room,’ where homeowners can relax, connect with nature, and focus on wellbeing. Trend analysts Scarlet Opus predict outdoor living will only become more popular in the wake of the pandemic, with homeowners expecting the same level of comfort and convenience as in any other room in their house.

The increase in time spent at home during lockdown has reinforced the value of gardens for mental wellbeing. From cooking and baking to grow-your-own vegetables, more people than ever are embracing the kitchen garden as a wellness centre for the home.

Outdoor living is expected to develop into a year-round phenomenon in the UK, much as ‘cold-city’ populations do in other countries. This presents a challenge and an opportunity to UK trades that have historically been firmly divided between indoor and outdoor skill sets. The rise of matching porcelain tiles in kitchens and patios is one example of this crossover. While some designers embrace zoning with texture and colour, others aspire to the increased feeling of space and flow created by uninterrupted flooring.

For the perfect outdoor living space, Azpects says, it’s important to get the details right: level flooring throughout, a smooth finish and quality materials.

EASYTileAlign is said to be a quick and convenient solution to reduce tile lippage, allowing your space to flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor. Lippage is the vertical displacement between two adjacent tiles of a ceramic, glass, or stone. This displacement can lead to numerous problems, including chipped edges, snagged furnishings and even trip hazards.

As consumers opt for more modern flooring such as porcelain and ceramic tiles, a high-quality finish is more important than ever.

EASYTileAlign incorporates a tile spacer and screw cap, plus optional protective shield for tiles with polished surfaces.

Spacers are available in 5mm and 3mm widths to suit interior and exterior tiling. Screw caps and shields can be reused from job to job.

The company also offers EASYGrout, a formulation which mixes readily with water to offer a highly flowable grouting mortar, suitable for use on interior and exterior tiled floor surfaces where a resilient, compact grout joint is needed. The product is particularly suitable for areas subject to sustained traffic such as kitchens and outdoor living areas.

Available in four colours, this slurry grout is specially designed for porcelain and ceramic tiles, and is aimed to help create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

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