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BIHUI tools for large-format tiles

The modern tiling professional has a lot to contend with in an ever-changing industry and the increasing popularity of large format floor and wall tiles has only exacerbated the required skill set and range of equipment required. BIHUI says it ensures all tilers have the same access to high-end tools at affordable prices, so they can achieve a “perfect finish” on every project.

Available exclusively through Genesis in the UK the BIHUI range of professional tiling tools has reportedly seen an overwhelmingly positive response since launch. The product development process utilised input from tiling professionals to ensure every product was designed to provide a user-friendly experience while maintaining a flawless result, BIHUI says.

Below, the company has highlighted a few products in its range, although this is by no means an exhaustive list, with future additions planned based on the trade’s needs.

Workbench – BLFWBO
A lightweight, robust, and stable workbench is essential for any large format job; any accidents caused by improper equipment are exorbitantly expensive so a reliable workbench that allows for cutting and drilling without risk is a necessity.

The workbench is 800x1400x1800mm and can hold up to 200kg; and the adjustable rails and legs allow for user customisation. Its easy assembly and packing means transport and storage is not an issue.

Not cumbersomely large, yet bigger than standard options, it offers versatility as a day-to-day workbench as well as providing the peace of mind with suitability for large format work, BIHUI continues. For tiles on the larger end of the size spectrum two tables can be joined together to create a 3600mm work bench with a 5sqm work surface.

Transport Cart – BLFCART and Lifting System – BU-LFCSV4
One of the biggest challenges of working with large format tiles is the handling and transport; the aesthetic appeals come at the cost of difficult installation. BIHUI offers a tool for those dual challenges with the lifting system and transport cart.

BU-LFCSV4 is described as a robust and stable suction system with 10 cups, the four largest of which provide a pressure gauge, and the adjustable rail system provides a max capacity of up to 3200x1600mm and 130kg. The soft grip handles ensure comfort for installers.

Once lifted, the BLFCART transport cart is suitable for transporting both within warehouses and at location of installation.

Cutting System: Rails – BU-LFRS, Electric Cutter – BU-LFECMR, Manual Cutter – BU-LFMCS
Standard systems and practices for cutting tiles unfortunately don’t make the grade when dealing with large format tiles so specialist systems are needed to ensure effective and efficient shaping and adjustments. BIHUI’s interchangeable cutting system provides long clean cuts without hassle whether using electric or manual.

The rails come in three parts for adjustable working surfaces offering up to a maximum of 3600mm, and the clamps and suction cups allow for secure fixing. The manual cutter and breaking clamps do not require strenuous effort but allow for clean cuts without breakages and is suitable for thicknesses between 3-6mm.

The electric cutter has a maximum working depth of 14mm and fixing to the rail system guarantees straight, clean cuts at both 90 and mitred 45 degrees.

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