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Bellota and Acorn Tools join forces to enable growth for the Spanish manufacturer

Acorn Tools has secured the UK distribution rights for Bellota’s line of tiling tools. The deal, which will see Acorn Tools act as a distributor for Bellota’s tiling products, has been agreed as Bellota seeks to expand its influence within the UK tiling market.

Bellota says it has already firmly established itself as a global brand with a particular strength in the European Market due to its long and respected history within the industry. The Spanish tool manufacturer is now keen to extend its growth further within the UK.

Based in North Wales and founded earlier this year, Acorn Tools has already secured a major client in Belllota, and will now act as a wholesaler for the Spanish based tool manufacturer.
The trading conditions brought on by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union have been a key factor in helping to make this collaboration happen, the companies say. Following the UK’s withdrawal, Bellota products would take up to two weeks to arrive in the UK from Spain. Acorn Tools will now provide a UK base for the distribution of Bellota tools where products can reportedly be distributed within a 24-hour period across the whole country.

Founded in 1908 by Patricio Encheverria, Bellota has developed a long and trusted relationship with merchants across a number of different sectors. The company says it has developed a balance of tradition and innovation throughout its history and continue to do so as it expands further in the UK. Acorn Tools, equipped with its knowledge of the sector, will be in a prime position to help Bellota expand its tiling portfolio across the UK market.

Les Ashley, Bellota’s head of sales for the UK and Ireland highlighted the need for growth within the United Kingdom and suggests Acorn Tools are in a suitable position to help do just that. Ashley said: “We are very excited here at Bellota, extremely excited. For both parties, it was a very easy one to decide on. When you are looking for a wholesaler, you have a criteria that you are looking for and Acorn fits the bill perfectly.

“It is an extremely competitive market right now but that is also why we chose to work with Acorn Tools. They know what they are doing, they completely understand the products, especially in the tiling sector.”

Paul Digby, new business manager at Acorn Tools, said: “I’m looking forward to the challenge of expanding Bellota’s influence within the UK tiling sector, and in forming a close relationship with Les, I believe will enhance the partnership even further.”

Alongside Acorn Tools, it’s hoped that this new distribution deal can see the Spanish company grow even further within the United Kingdom. In joining forces with Acorn Tools, Ashley believes that Bellota can continue to grow given their exciting product line.

He reiterated that: “We (Bellota) are more than just a manufacturer, we design all our products with our customers in mind and they have a very, very good experience with them. Our quality is at the top end and now more people within the tiling trade in the United Kingdom can experience it firsthand. I’m very excited to see Bellota grow and can’t wait to see people using our tools.”

Acorn Tools says it will now focus its attention on ensuring that Bellota can do just that by supplying the company’s products throughout the country and into the hands of tilers so that they can experience it for themselves.

Acorn Tools is now actively seeking stockists who wish to be able to offer Bellota tiling products to their customers. With competitive prices available, Acorn Tools can also offer quick delivery within 24 hours direct from their UK based warehouse. Furthermore, its contact team is available by phone or email if you wish to find out more about Bellota tiling tools or to find more information about becoming a stockist.
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