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“ADAPT AND INNOVATE” tools, knowledge, results

Starting in 1951 with the invention of a tile cutter for hydraulic mosaics, RUBI has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the tiling industry worldwide for over 70 years, the company says.

Since then, the family business has grown and now produces a range of manual and electric tile cutters, along with various products and accessories designed to make the tilers’ job as easy as possible.

One of the company’s most popular manual tile cutters is its TX Max range. With cutters available in sizes from 710–1250mm in length, each with 1200kg breaking power, the company says it’s easy to see why these have become a staple with tilers across the globe.

The trigger system for the breaker allows for scoring and separation with one hand for tiles 3-21mm thick. With dual tubular steel guides added to facilitate better vision while scoring the tile, each cutter also reportedly features impressive structural strength.

The range’s lateral stop is designed to allow tilers to work more efficiently. Adding this tool to the cutter allows users to create repeated cuts of the same size and perform angled cuts from 0-45º, enabling more creative options when tiling.

For larger format and harder tiles, the company recommends its TZ range of manual cutters. With sizes available from 850–1800mm (cutting tiles up to 180cm in length) this selection of cutters allows tilers to cut large format tiles without the need for an electric cutter or grinder.

The cutter’s 1500kg separation power allows users to score and snap harder materials in one go, and its dual guides allow for better vision while scoring the tiles.

The innovation of this product, with the latest instalment being 1800m in length, has allowed tilers to work with the increasingly popular large format tiles without the need for an electric cutter or grinder, while still being portable.

For drilling into tiles, RUBI produces different ranges for various purposes. Its latest product launch in this category is the Drygres premium range, which features drill bits in sizes 6–80mm, and can be purchased in multiple kits.

These bits for grinder are suitable for drilling into various materials, including porcelain and the occasional drilling of natural stone.

The smallest sizes of this drill bit for grinder, 6–12mm, include wax to help cool during the drilling process and evacuate debris. Once the wax runs out, you can continue to use the drill bits. Only the total loss of the diamond indicates the end of the life of the bits.

The larger diameters include aeration holes to improve the cooling of the drill bits during use and help make removing debris and solid waste easier after each hole is cut.

RUBI’s latest product launch also includes its range of Diamond Flap Discs. This product is designed for grinding, mitring, bevelling, and polishing edges on tiles, including porcelain and natural stone.
These are available in both 115mm and 125mm sizes, ranging from 50/60 grit to tackle the majority of grinding and mitring, up to 200 grit for the final polish. The design of these Diamond Flap Discs facilitates gentle curves, making bevelling and bull nosing of tiles possible too.

The Diamond Flap Discs for grinding allow tilers to carry out custom finishes for their work with a series of blades that can fit on an M14 thread grinder. These discs are designed to make it easy for the tiler to change from one grit to the next, achieving an attractive finish for the edge of the tile.

Their design reportedly allows the user to go back and forth on the tile without making changes to the finish or chipping the tile.

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