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Wood-Effect Tiles

Natural wood is effortlessly stylish, luxurious and adds a natural feel and warmth to a space. Real timber, however, isn’t always the most practical – particularly in wet areas like bathrooms.

Wood-effect tiles are becoming increasingly popular as they provide the natural aesthetic of real wood floors but with practical benefits. Wood-effect tiles made from porcelain or ceramic combine the look and feel of real wood with the hard wearing and durable benefits of a tile.

Edimax W3
Edimax – W3

They don’t require special sealing or maintenance which makes them ideal for wet, warm environments like the bathroom or kitchen where real wood may get damaged or warped. Porcelain tiles are virtually waterproof, meaning that everyday spills can be wiped away with minimal effort, without causing any damage to floors. Porcelain is also very hard and durable so is perfect for busy family homes or rooms with lots of foot traffic.

Margres - Jungle
Margres – Jungle

It’s not just indoor spaces that can benefit from wood-effect tiles. The beauty of wood-effect can be extended into the garden and outside spaces thanks to durable 20mm outdoor floor tiles. They can be used to create outdoor seating areas, or extend the indoor space by laying the same style wood-effect tiles both inside and out. Outdoor tiles are extremely hardwearing, whatever the weather.

Novabell - Eiche
Novabell – Eiche
Rondine - Greenwood
Rondine – Greenwood

Using natural materials in your home creates an inviting and calming space. Wood-effect tiles are often cheaper than real wood planks, meaning you can achieve the same aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Light wood-effects like oak and birch can be used to create a bright and airy space. Alternatively, dark tiles can be used to create a modern and dramatic backdrop. There are a wide range of colour finishes available when it comes to tiles so there is something to suit any interior design style.

Left & Middle: Edimax - Oaks | Right: Imola - Kuni
Left & Middle: Edimax – Oaks | Right: Imola – Kuni
Left: Imola - Kuni | Right: Saime - Painted
Left: Imola – Kuni | Right: Saime – Painted

As the demand for natural wood-effect tiles increases, advances in ceramic technology mean more realistic designs can be offered. 3D printing technologies like those used by Edimax provide highly realistic finishes in both appearance and texture. Textured and weathered looks are also sought after to give the appearance of reclaimed wood.

Saime - Painted
Saime – Painted

It’s not just wooden planks that are popular. Herringbone and parquet flooring are classic styles that are always in demand. Square and rectangle tiles that are printed with parquet designs provide a simpler way to achieve the complex patterned look while making sure the pattern remains consistent. It is also a great way to add interest to your space or create sections within the room by switching how the tiles are laid in each area.

Rondine - Vintage Dore
Rondine – Vintage Dore
Left: Pavigres - Parquet | Right: Edimax - Oaks
Left: Pavigres – Parquet | Right: Edimax – Oaks


Another way of making your wood-effect tiles look even more realistic is to choose your grout wisely so the colour matches. Kerakoll’s Fugalite Bio range consists of 24 different colours. 12 of those colours have been specifically designed to match the most popular types of hardwood flooring, and therefore wood-effect tiles. Choosing a colour that tones with the colour of the wood-effect minimises the contrast between the tiles caused by the grout lines. This resin-based grout is stain-proof, waterproof and non-toxic and the colour will remain true over time without fading or discolouring.

Fugalite Bio
Fugalite Bio

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