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Tile trends for 2023

In partnership with the Italian Ceramic sector, Minoli has identified five key trends that are sure to be at the forefront of tile style and design in 2023.

We thought that for each of the five trends we would provide you with an example we have in stock, so you can get a feel for these trends and get ahead of the curve.

Magnificent Marble & Captivating Crystal

Starting off with marble, you cannot go far wrong with the Precious Marble range from Love and Marges tiles. With a wide range of shades available, this crisp and elegant tile set gives you a bold foundation to build your interior design around.

Precious tiles bathroom env

The Splendour of Stoneware

When we hear stoneware, what we think of is solidity. Texture. Longevity. Leaving a mark that will stand the test of time. We think of the In Falda range from Cir Tiles. These tiles are a statement of intent that you and your home are here to stay, with a depth of colour and complexity of natural effect patterns that are sure to bring a bedrock of elegance into any room.

In Falda bar env

Natural & Manmade materials

We here at EMC Tiles love the union of the natural and manmade worlds, how could we not with our headquarters only a handful of miles from Sherwood forest where a band of merry men made their home almost a thousand years ago. As such, we are incredibly excited by the slew of exquisite wood effect porcelain tiles we are seeing come out of Europe in recent months. Each gives you the warmth of genuine wood, but with a longevity and resilience to hot and cold, dryness and damp, that makes it ideal for use in any local. There are too many of these wonderful tiles to choose from, but given how we started this section we couldn’t show you anything other than Rondine Tiles’ Sherwood Range which is available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sherwood Indoor Outdoor picture

Reflective and Radiant Ranges

While a reflective tile is something you’ll be familiar with, one that is radiant is a bit trickier to define. Something ethereal, that gives a sense of theatre and wonder whenever your gaze seeks it out. It would be a tile that you could almost view as a piece of art in its own right, able to stand alone as an object outside of its practicality. It’s a rare tile that can achieve that, but the master craftsman of Imola Tiles have done just that with The Room. Each tile in this set is stunning, but we would draw your attention to the Onyx Aqua Blue tile in particular. The enchanting design of these tiles brings you straight to the feeling of being in a tropical sea, the beautiful swirls of blues, white, and gold reminiscent of an Abalone shell.

The Room Aqua Bathroom set

Optimising outdoor spaces

The final trend identified will come as a surprise to nobody. During the time which shall not be named, we all spent a lot more time at home and grew to appreciate our gardens more than ever before. Is it any wonder then that optimising our outdoor space and making it just as beautiful as the interior of our homes is one of the top priorities for designers going forward? There are a lot of options open to you depending on what sort of feel you want your garden to have, but the Azuma Up range from Imola Tiles is an excellent place to start your reinvention of outdoor space.

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