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Looking for inspiration for a new project or want to refresh your space? We have some brilliant new tiles in stock here at EMC.

Advantage – Blustyle Cotto Deste

Advantage is a collection of stone-effect floor coverings that blends different textures on its surfaces: the typical texture and striking shades of slate with distinct marble veins and inclusions typical of limestone. Unique porcelain stoneware with a contemporary style that allows you to experience a perfect combination of beauty and quality for all bathroom, kitchen, living areas, for wall, floor tiles.

Shop Advantage HERE

LaFaenza Ceramica – Cocoon

LaFaenza Travertino tiles, Cocoon, is a proposal of artisan material and tones, natural colours and textures, where the individual items, even if different, outline relaxing, enveloping spaces with zesty atmospheres, guaranteeing an oasis of peace in an intimate, charming domestic cocoon.
The unique benefits of tiles with a contemporary tone, effervescent, and always fashionable. The range includes single collections that can also be combined together in terms of coherence and class. LaFaenza has a modern, refined, sophisticated, and unique style made with the care and know-how born out of over one hundred years of ceramic tradition.

Cocoon Travertino TRA SG6 12 LPM Beige Satin
Cocoon Travertino TRA SG6 12 LPM Beige Satin Matt Floor, Wall Tile
Cocoon Travertino TRA OB6 12 LPM Brown Satin
Cocoon Travertino TRA OB6 12 LPM Brown Satin

Also available as porcelain slabs to special order in 278x120cm, 120x120cm. Full product brochure available HERE.

Shop Cocoon HERE

LaFaenza Ceramica – Aesthetica

Aesthetica by LaFaenza Ceramica, the classic elegance of marble finds a new look that stands out by enhancing seemingly common reference models with unprecedented and highly innovative shades and graphics. This restyled classicism combines traditional white, beige, grey and black backgrounds with fascinating and surprising blasts of surface colour to create unusual, high-impact effects.

Aesthetica AE CAM6 120 LPMAE CAM6 278 LPM
Aesthetica AE AGA6 12 LP Pattern Polished Wall
Aesthetica AE CAM6 12 LP Polished
Large format porcelain tiles
Aesthetica AE CAM6 12 LPM Satin Matt

Also available as porcelain slabs to Special Order in 278x120cm, 120x120cm

Shop Aesthetica HERE

Rondine Ceramica

The Canne series by Rondine is available in five colour shades (Not all colours are in stock, but can be ordered as Special Order), each of which allows you to create free-of-convention styles. Light colours such as Ecru and Honey represent the harmonious fusion of structure and comfort. In fact, parallel lines restore brightness to rooms making them unique and at the same time refined. Ecru, Honey and Nut in the Black version are, on the other hand, parallel designs that create real experiences in the rooms where they play lead role. The interplay of light and dark, alternating in three-dimensional structures, creates an intimate and silent, almost intimist oasis. Also, perfect for the outdoors, these colour shades create true works of art.

Honey Black
Nut Black
Canne' 3d from Rondine Ceramica
Canne from Rondine Ceramica. Some colours are Special Order products.

Shop Canne HERE

Wonderspace – Novabell Ceramica

Wonderspace Tiles, Novabell Tiles, Immersive Texture tiles, 120x60cm pattern bathroom wall, floor tiles.
The Wonderspace collection brings fresh appeal to the world of wall decoration. The botanical and tropical jungle decorative motifs provide an unprecedented, totally immersive experience thanks to the new DEEP TECH digital technology, which gives the ceramic material a subtly three-dimensional character.

Novabell – Exotic
Novabell extra Bagno1 Decoro Motif White
Novabell – Motif White Spazzolato
01 Blossom Living 02
Novabell – Blossom
NOVABELL Cersaie 22 Landstone Gravel - Carbon BAGNO
Novabell – Tropical
forge AMB bagno CC 0030 2
NordicWood Novabell EsternoWalnut
Novabell – Exotic Spazzolato

Shop Wonderspace here!

Bordeaux – Gambini

Bordeaux, Gambini Porcelain Floor, Wall tiles, Passing through Aquitaine castles and Saint Emilion naves, where a city and a smooth wine share the same name. It is this atmosphere that gives birth to a stone rustic and contemporary elegant at once: Bordeaux is a timeless choice. Special offer whilst stocks last!

Bordeaux Sable
Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux Acier
Bordeaux Sable
Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux Acier

Shop Heartland here

Heartland – Gambini

Heartland, Gambini Porcelain Floor Tiles, The most classic of Italian manufacturing traditions revisited in a modern key with strong chromatic nuances ranging from warm Mediterranean tones to Nordic greys, all enhanced by the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware. Special offer whilst stocks last!

Heartland Amber
Heartland Amber
Heartland Charcoal
Heartland Terracotta
heartland Charcoal Studio room
Heartland Charcoal
heartland Terracotta Living room
Heartland Terracotta

Shop Heartland here

Pietra Viva – Gardenia Ceramica

Gardenia Orchidea has reimagined the graphics of this stone in a versatile colour palette capable of meeting the needs of contemporary architecture. The historical appeal of this stone stems above all from the use of exclusive 3DTech technology, which recreates the authentic look of timeworn floors with depressions and porosity typical of a stone surface exposed to many years of footfall.

Pietra Viva Ivory Antique 3D Polished Finish 120×60
Pietra Viva Ivory Antique 3D Polished Finish 120×60
Pietra Viva Ivory Antique 3D 120×60

Shop Pietra Viva here

Cortina – Rondine Ceramica

Cortina Wood effect matt porcelain tiles from Rondine Ceramica is the perfect expression of natural wood with the essence of warm bleached oak designed to embrace authentic beauty and comfort.

Size 150x24cm, beige tiles for walls and floors. Ideal for herringbone patterns, in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and living areas.

Shop the Cortina collection here.

Magma – Eqiupe

The Magma range from Equipe tiles showcases a variety of versatile brick-style tiles which can be used together to make a mixture of matt finish colours. Magma 20x6cm tiles urge you to make a space where each element elevates the others. The simplicity of brick tiles, mixed in an array of layouts and patterns to create your own unique finished project.

Magma White from Equipe
Magma White
Magma Seablue from Equipe
Magma Seablue
Magma Malachite
Magma Aqua Marine

Shop the Magma collection here.

Hanoi – Equipe

The Hanoi range from Equipe tiles, rustic gloss vibrant shades of colours can be used together to make a mixture of endless variations. Hanoi 10x10cm tiles mixed in an array of layouts and patterns to create your own unique finished project.

Hanoi White – Equipe
Hanoi White – Equipe
Hanoi Celedon Green- Equipe
Hanoi Celedon Green- Equipe
Hanoi Red – Equipe
Hanoi Red – Equipe
Hanoi Blue Night – Equipe
Hanoi Blue Night – Equipe

Shop the range Hanoi HERE

Cotto del Campiana – CIR

Cotto del Campiano reintroduces terracotta ceramics suitable for indoor and outdoor floor tile use, to be interpreted according to new architectural languages. With a 10 mm thick surface system, the collection displays a rich mashup of earthy colours, besides mixed cement tile decorations.
A set of masterfully diverse formats enables to make the most of natural finishes without compromising on stain resistance and permeability. The 40x60cm format is also available in the outdoor version (R11).

Shop the Cotto del Campiana range HERE

Promenade – Serinissima

Serinissima tiles, Promenade a natural stone effect porcelain floor tile symbolising a centuries-old tradition, this material is used in the typical architecture of southern France.
Strong and vibrant colours decorate elegant surroundings with contemporary charm, representing that eclectic style that pervades today‘s living spaces.
The aesthetics, refined and enhanced by the large sizes, are ideal for giving a distinct character to the design of residential environments, and the Promenade also is available with R11 grip surface versatility, perfect for designing exteriors.

Shop the new range here.

Landstone – Novabell Tiles

Landstone combines the subtle expressive power of limestone with vein patterning more typical of marble and the burnished streaks found in trani stone, this unusual patterning intersects with a structure of tiny shiny details, which enhances the ceramic surface’s impression of depth.

Landstone Taupe 100×100 9mm
Landstone Clay 100×100 9mm
Landstone Raw White 100×100 9mm
Raw White
Landstone Taupe 100x100mm 20mm
Landstone carbon matt tile from Novabell
Landstone Carbon 60×30 9mm
Landstone Gravel and Carbon
Landstone Gravel and Carbon

Shop the new range here.

Slate Way – Pamesa Tiles

Inspired by Brazilian slate, Slate Way tiles from supplier Pamesa Tiles, are large 60x30cm wall, floor tiles, also offering a 28x7cm metro brick style tile. The matt wall, floor tiles are a rustic porcelain slate stone effect tile, rectified and textured, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Slate way Pearl Matt Wall, Floor Tile
Slate way Green Matt Wall, Floor Tile
Slate way Ash Brick Matt Wall, Floor Tile
Slate Way Pearl
Slate Way Green
Slate Way Ash Brick

Shop the new range here.

Shizen – Edimax

Inspired by the exquisite carpentry of the Japanese, the new Shizen range from Edimax-Astor allows you to bring the highest levels of craftsmanship into your home with cosy sensations made of warm,
relaxing tones and golden hues. These tiles embody the feeling of misty forests, ancient valleys, and the patience needed to master a craft.

Edimax-Astor tile Shizen
Shizen Cenera Edimax-Astor
Shizen Cenera Edimax-Astor
Shizen Cenera Edimax-Astor
Shizen Cenera Edimax-Astor
Shizen Torba – Edimax-Astor
Shizen Torba – Edimax-Astor

Shop the new Shizen Range here

Vallelunga Tiles – Nova

Any room with Nova at its core is instantly bestowed with a classical feel, creating a sophisticated environment with timeless style. Available in a 120x60cm format, this tile can transform even the largest of rooms in a heartbeat.

Shop the new Nova Range here

Nova Matt Satin Floor, Walll 120×60
Nova Matt Satin Floor, Walll 120×60
Nova Matt Satin Floor, Walll 120×60

Gardenia Orchedia – Origini Crux

Adding an accent to Origini range, these Crux White tiles offer an excellent pairing to any design scheme. A bright tile with a clean aesthetic, it retains an intriguing mottled effect that draws you in.

Shop the new Origini Range HERE.

Origini Crux White Matt Rect 80×80
Origini Crux White Matt Rect 80×80
Origini Crux White Matt Rect 80×80

Imola – Elixir

A new range from Imola, announced as 2022 closed. If your home is feeling a bit under the weather than the Elixir range will alleviate whatever ailment it suffers from. Whether it be worn out floors, or drab walls, the Elixir range of wood effect tiles are available in shades of Cream, Beige, and Brown, carefully formulated to capture the cozy essence of wood in a ceramic shell.

Shop the new Elixir Range HERE.

Elixir Floor Tile
Elixir Cream as a Floor Tile
Elixir Wall Tile
Elixir Brown as a Wall Tile

Rondine – Sherwood

A new range from Rondine, the Sherwood tile collection gives you a perfect way to bring nature into any space. Hardier than wooden planks, these tiles let you have the warmth of wood within your home without the stress of mould, damp, or warping.

These rustic porcelain tiles evoke memories of Sherwood Forest in maple and walnut wood effects. Both outdoor and indoor tiles are available, so you can have the forest follow you throughout your home.

Shop the new Sherwood Range HERE for outside, and HERE for inside.

Sherwood Maple and Walnut wood effect tiles

Edimax – Manor

The Manor range from Edimax draws its inspiration from the south of France, a region world renowned for its timeless style. This limestone effect range of tiles has been specially designed to remind you of the stone floors and edifices of the great chateaux’s and vineyards of the region, losing none of the grandeur of these locations but gaining a great deal of practicality for everyday use.

These tiles are available in Grey, White, and Almond.

Shop the new Manor range HERE.

Image showing Edimax Manor tiles in Almond and Grey side by side.
Edimax Manor Tiles Almond (Left) / Grey (Right)

Love Tiles – Sense

The Sense collection is inspired by natural limestone rock, providing a realistic porcelain alternative to real stone flooring. To compliment the natural limestone-effect tiles are a range of bold 2D and 3D decorative tiles that incorporate elements of the natural world like leaves and flowers in order to bring nature into your home.

Available in the colours beige, light grey and white. Sizes: 75x30cm, 80x80cm

Shop the new Sense range HERE

Lovetiles - Sense
Love Tiles – Sense

CIR – In Falda

The In Falda modular range from CIR is a marble effect tile that captures the elegance and warmth of natural travertine stone. Mixing and matching different sizes of tile to create a modular layout is a perfect, more subtle alternative to patterned tiles for adding interest to your floor.

Available in the colours ‘perlato di sicilia’ and ‘pietra di rapolano’ as mixed size boxes. Sizes in each box: 60x40cm, 40x40cm, 40x20cm, 20x20cm

Shop the In Falda range HERE

CIR – In Falda modular tile

Atrium – Aire

These lovely wood effect floor tiles from Atrium Tiles are available in four different colours to suit any interior. White and grey coloured wood-effect tiles give a fresh, modern feel while Beige and Brown colours embrace the feeling of nature and add warmth. Whichever colour suits your space, these tiles reflect the textures and appearance of real wood to give you a trendy and durable alternative to real wood flooring.

This range is also available as part of our Ceramic Tile Market, meaning they won’t break the bank!

Available in the colours Blanco white, Cenzia Grey, Haya Beige and Roble Brown. Size: 75x20cm

Shop the Aire range HERE

Aire Robble Brown

Imola – Tube

We have some lovely new tiles from supplier Imola. The first range, new in from Imola is the Tube collection. This range of tiles is a beautiful metallic effect tile inspired by time-worn materials and contemporary cityscapes.

The result is a collection that combines an underground mood with metropolitan elegance, a sense of lived-in comfort with impeccable style, and a passion for weathered materials with inspired regeneration, like windows and walls from abandoned buildings making these tiles perfect for creating a grunge style interior.

Available in Brown, Grey, White and Black. Sizes: 60x60cm, 120x60cm, 120x120cm, 260x120cm

Shop the Tube range HERE

Left: Tube Brown | Right: Tube White
Left: Tube Grey | Right: Tube Black

Imola – Vibes

Available in a range of colours and sizes, the Vibes range from Imola is a gorgeous stone effect tile inspired by natural materials. This range is available for indoor and outdoor application making it easy to extend your living space outside.

Available in Dark Beige, Beige, Grey, Dark Grey and White. Size: 90x90cm, 60x30cm, 60x60cm, 60x120cm, 90x45cm, 120x120cm

Shop the Vibes range HERE

Vibes Grey
Vibes White
Imola – Vibes

Pavigres – Parquet

Parquet is a patterned wood-effect range that makes replicating classic parquet flooring simple. The square that are printed with parquet designs provide a simpler way to achieve the complex patterned look while making sure the pattern remains consistent. Patterned wood-effect also a great way to add interest to your space or create sections within the room by switching how the tiles are laid in each area.

Wood effect tiles are a great, cost-effective alternative to real wood flooring, which can be prone to warping and requires more maintenance.

Available in Nordic Beige, Pine Cream and Umber Brown. Size: 60x60cm

Shop the Parquet range HERE

Parquet Nordic Beige
Pavigres – Parquet Left: Umber Brown | Right: Pine Beige

Dom Tiles – Kado

New from Dom Tiles is the Kado terrazzo range, available in formats for both indoor and outdoor use. These natural terrazzo stone-look floor tiles are available in a range of colours and are perfect for bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to your home and garden.

This range comes in two terrazzo styles – flake and cement. The Kado Flake is a bold design that replicates the distinct terrazzo style, while the Kado Cement is more subtle.

Available in Ice White, Clay Beige, Ocean Blue, Lead Anthracite and Smoke Grey. Sizes: 60x60cm, 90x90cm

Shop the Kado range HERE

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