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How to use Bold, Colourful Tiles

Make a statement with your tiling choices and be daring with colour and pattern to create a home filled with plenty of character.

The demand for plain coloured wall tiles has increased dramatically over the last year, particularly small format tiles. Small format tiles have changed the way we use colour within our interiors as they offer a wide variety and rainbow of colours – compared to large format tiles which have a tendency to lean towards neutral shades and monochrome colour schemes.

We tend to be more comfortable choosing colour when it is in a smaller format – it can be used more sparingly for a small space like a splashback in the kitchen or bathroom, or to create a bath surround or wall border. For those who are feeling bold, they can use coloured tiles to create dazzling feature walls.

Focal backsplash

A backsplash is the space behind your sink or hob – an ideal place to add an accent tile! Remember, you don’t need to cover every inch of space in order to make an impact so creating a focal backsplash is a great way to add a pop of colour and visual interest.

Subway tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms because they make great splashbacks. You could experiment with the placement of the tiles to create interesting patterns as well as choosing a bright accent colour for the room.

Equipe - Country
Equipe – Country

If you go for a classic brick bond layout you could experiment using different shades and colours to tie in different colour schemes.

Imola - Shades
Imola – Shades

Splashbacks are a great opportunity to experiment with different shaped tiles too, like these scalloped tiles from the Shades range by Imola, or these hexagonal Oxide tiles from Equipe. Let the shape do the talking, or mix up the colours as well for a really bold look.

Equipe - Oxide
Equipe – Oxide

Feature wall

The purpose of feature walls is to add interest and visual impact to a room, giving the space a focal point. They are ideal for experimenting with coloured tiles to add personality and character. They are also a great way to break up the space into different areas and highlight an important spot in the room, like a shower cubicle or around the bath.

Wallpaper-style tiles are becoming more popular too. Tile ranges that include decorative tiles often have a neutral base collection that means you can create a feature wall that remains consistent with the rest of the scheme. Try using bold motifs and patterns like Love Tile’s Sense range as an alternative to plain colour to break up the room.

Love Tiles - Sense
Love Tiles – Sense

Colour combos

From blues and greens that remind us of nature, to bright yellows and pastel pink that add a cheerful splash of colour to the room, there is a colour for everyone. Small format tiles like metro tiles and mosaics allow you to add as much or as little colour to a space as you like.

APE - Souk
APE – Souk

You can choose a colour, like blue or green, then mix-and-match different shades. This maintains a harmonious look but allows you to experiment with a wider range of colours.

Imola - Slash
Imola – Slash

Go bold with primary colours like these glossy Slash tiles from Imola. Or, for a unique take on a luxurious bathroom, consider opting for deep toned tiles – dark blues and greens are lovely alternatives to black.

Using bold tiles doesn’t mean you have to go for a rainbow of colours – black and white colour schemes can also create a big impact. Black and white feature tiles create a striking look in any room. If you want a minimal look but want to go a bit bolder, using black grout with white tiles can elevate a simple metro tile for a more defined finish.

Left: APE Souk, Right: Equipe Evolution
Left: APE – Souk | Right: Equipe – Evolution

The variation in watercolour tones in these black Souk tiles gives the finished look lots of texture and depth, while still being subtle.


They might not be for everyone but using pattern-printed tiles are a brilliant way to experiment and introduce personality to your space. You could choose an area like the shower cubicle to create a feature wall that uses pattern, or they can also be used to make a real design statement on the floor. Try patterned floor tiles in your bathroom, paired with a simple metro on the wall, or give a strong first impression by using them in your hallway.

Frassinoro - Neo Gatsby
Frassinoro – Neo Gatsby

Try the gorgeous mix-and-match Neo Gatsby range from Frassinoro to bring some monochrome pattern into your home. For something a bit brighter, the Montmartre range creates a lovely patchwork style pattern when laid and the variety of plain and patterned tiles creates a unique result every time.

APE - Montmartre
APE – Montmartre

If you prefer a plain tile but still want to inject some visual interest to your walls and floors, you could try laying metro tiles in different ways to create patterns like weave and chevron. You could do this with neutral colours or a single colour tile for a subtle result, or mix colours and finishes to create contrast and big designs.

Left: Equipe - Country, Right: Equipe - Artisan
Left: Equipe – Country | Right: Equipe – Artisan

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