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The perfect finishing touch

C.A.T. believe that high-quality flooring trims enhance the quality of any installation and that end-users are catching on.  TSJ takes note.

Flooring Trims can be an afterthought for many when choosing floor coverings, whether an end-user, interior designer, or architect. Whilst many see these thresholds as simply a necessity others benefit by using these thresholds to enhance and complement the decor, colour scheme and designs of their projects. C.A.T. believe that high-quality flooring trims enhance the quality of any installation and end-users are catching on.

As with all flooring products, flooring profiles take a large amount of abuse from simple wear and tear to occasional heavy impacts and misuse. The gauge or thickness of the profile is one aspect of flooring trims that are sometimes overlooked. It is the gauge of the material which provides the rigidity and the strength of the final trim. Design a profile too thin and it will buckle under point loading, designed too thick it wastes valuable material and is harder on manufacturing equipment leading to unnecessary expense. The Designer Home Collection takes advantage of this perfect balance and has been designed for use in the family home and commercial projects alike.

Like other visible accessories in the home, a quality finish is critical to the overall aesthetics of the room. Creating this quality finish or lustre on a flooring profile that lasts the test of time is arguably the most important and complex problem.

Other aluminium items in the home benefit from a lack of daily wear and tear that daily foot traffic creates. C.A.T. has spent years developing and testing the Designer Home Collection with wear tests so the customer can be assured that the trims will stand the test of time.

Colour, can it make or break a space?
Over the past 20 years, two colours have dominated the aluminium trim market, synthetic brass and silver.
In recent years however the flooring industry has seen a shift not only in interior design & styles but with an increasing choice of colour from floor covering manufactures. Many of these manufacturers have increased their colour offerings in recent years.

Evaluating this shift C.A.T. identified the need and importance of providing a range of trim colours to suit each design and transition. The Designer Home Collection was created to encompass eight unique colours to combat this explosion of colour within the industry. C.A.T. worked closely with flooring manufactures and clients to provide a broad colour pallet that includes colours such as Designer Satin, Bright, Light Bronze, Onyx Black and Brushed Stainless to name a few.  Colour can definitely make or break a space but rest assured the C.A.T. Designer Home Collection can provide the finishing touch to any project and complement any flooring type.

Flooring Profiles and Designs
A flooring trims profile is simply the cross-section or shape of the trim or threshold. Different shapes are produced to pair with different flooring types.

These profiles are also designed to solve a variety of flooring problems from floor expansion & height discrepancies to simply joining carpets in doorways. Here at C.A.T., we are proud to offer the most comprehensive selection of flooring profiles on the market. The Designer Home Collection alone has fourteen different flooring profiles each designed for a particular situation.

This includes Twin Tops, Naplocks, Ramps, Kliks (Clip-In Trims) and LVT Stair Nosings, all of which are available in our eight signature colours. For more information regarding the profiles available within the Designer Home Collection please visit www.thecatweb.com/dhc-flooring-profiles or request a Sample Folder today on 01582 561 500.

Mechanical Fixings or Adhesive?
Long has it been debated whether a floor trim should be mechanically fixed or stuck down with self-adhesive tape or flexible adhesive.

Many would agree that mechanical fixings are more common in the commercial industry whilst stick down trims are better placed for residential projects. It would also be true to say that it really depends on the situation and the floor type.

With the improvement and relative cost, adhesive tapes have become the norm across the flooring industry for installing many different accessories and in some instances floor coverings themselves. This has been compounded by the huge surge in water-based and electric underfloor heating installations over the past 10 years.

Many of our trims are supplied either drilled or with self-adhesive tape pre-applied that C.A.T. calls Stick-Fix. C.A.T. has found that many customers prefer the modern and minimalist look of Stick-Fix whilst flooring contractors appreciate the reduction of risk when it comes to drilling into unknown subfloors. Our Stick-Fix products also benefit from reduced curing time when compared with flexible adhesive installation methods.  This makes Stick-Fix extremely fast to install. Overall, of course, each fitter has there own preferred installation method depending on a multitude of other factors including flooring type, flooring thickness, subfloor makeup and installation method (floated or fully bonded). Either way, C.A.T. will continue to offer trims drilled for mechanical fixings or with Stick-Fix tape pre-applied for different situations and customers across the vast flooring industry.

If you would like to receive our brand new Designer Home Collection Sample Folder, please contact our customer service team.
T: 01582 561 500
E: [email protected].

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