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“Great on the inside, now even better on the outside!”

Over the next few months, ARDEX is introducing updated packaging to its complete range of products; from floor levellers, tanking, adhesives, grouts, sealants and everything in-between.

According to the company, the packaging won’t just look good on the shelves or in the van, it also offers several benefits including:
Every bag has a unique QR code that links to the specific product page on the company’s website, which features how-to videos, application advice and technical datasheets.

Easier to read product information – highlighting each product’s unique benefits.

Icons on the bottom of each bag for quick and instant confirmation of the product’s main features, such as drying times, coverage and even how much water you need to add per bag.

Each bag has a unique colour and secondary colour which makes it easily recognisable, either on the pallet, on the shelf or where stored.

But don’t worry, ARDEX says, the only change is the packaging. Commenting on the change, Alex Underwood, head of marketing at ARDEX Tiling said: “All ARDEX products will continue to offer the same great premium performance, whether you are tiling, prepping the subfloor or background or grouting.

“If you’re a distributor there is no need to change product names or codes, these will remain exactly the same!

“The introduction of the new packaging will continue for the next 3 to 6 months, and you might have noticed some products have already changed over to the new packaging. Bright and colorful with new features making your life easier as an installer or distributor, this brand-new look for our ARDEX products brings our packaging up-to-date and fit for the future.”

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