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John Trilizaz from Walls & Floors wins the Mr England title

October 2018

Walls and Floors employee John Trilizaz, 36, has won the IBFA title of Mr England 2018.  He secured the Class 3 title at the final which took place in Lincolnshire on 19th September.  John has now set his sights set on the World Championship as has been invited to represent England in the finals in Rome in October.

John first started weight training in 2010 and keeps up a rigorous training routine and diet; getting up each day at 4am and eating 7 meals a day.  He started working for Walls and Floors in 2015 as a Warehouse Operative, and lives locally in Kettering.

A proud family man, John has a wife, Sophie, a baby son, Louis, and two dogs, Lexi and Max.  In 2018, John’s newborn son Louis became incredibly ill with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis), which is a rare and devastating disease that affects 0.05% of births, and aggressively attacks the intestine.  Throughout this challenging time, John continued to work hard at Walls and Floors … and also continued to train.

‘I like the discipline,' explains John.  'It’s a focus outside of work. Something to strive for. It shows Louis that if you focus on your goals, you can reach the top. It shows good morals and good work ethic. Walls and Floors have been really supportive with Louis and with my training. They’ve gone above and beyond what I would have expected from them.’

Craig Rutherford, Operations Manager at Walls and Floors, who closely supported John throughout his struggles, said: ‘ Once I knew John and Sophie’s story with Louis, it was clear John needed a focus to be able to cope with the massive changes in their lives, John was going to knock his dream of becoming Mr England on the head to concentrate on his son. This is where Walls and Floors stepped in and supported John by changing his working pattern to suit his family, gym and work.  We changed his break times to allow him to fit his meals in to his daily routine and gave him and his family all the support needed.  This allowed John to continue with his dream and not have to deal with the extra worry.  John lived up to his side of the bargain by working hard and not letting his standards slip. John’s motivation was to show his son anyone is capable of becoming anything they want to be if they apply themselves and by coming first place and being crowned Mr England shows just how well John applied himself. Louis is doing really well, not out of the woods but no longer in danger and results are coming back very favourable. Walls and Floors are proud to have been able to help and continue to help a valued employee through a testing time in their life. Now for the World title, John!’

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