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Intermac presents E-vent: Digital in Action

August 2020

E-vent: Digital In Action, a digital event by Intermac that took place from 1st to 3rd July, offered a unique and innovative chance to learn about all the changes in the glass and stone industry.  Using an innovative digital platform that enables live demonstrations and educational webinars, Biesse Group presented important advances in technology, software, and training activities: the result of continuous investments in innovation, R&D and training.

The first online edition of “E-vent: In fact Digital in Action” is an innovative approach to training paired with live talks that underscore Intermac's role as an innovation accelerator in the glass and stone sector, even in a context like the present one.

During the event, Intermac offered a packed schedule of updates provided through webinars and digital content: the virtual stage hosting sessions given over to significant topics for those who work with glass and stone - such as the latest trends in the world of design, materials and tools - along with personalised technical demos of machines.  This is not to forget the main focal points relating to the integration between technologies and ROS robotised cells, and Movetro solutions for storage and integrated handling.

The event also the presentation of Montresor's new Faster horizontal edge polisher. During the webinar, the advantages and potential of all the Diamut tools for edge polishers were laid out. And there was also a webinar dedicated to the new Vertmax One for vertical machining operations.

“Customers had the chance to see our sophisticated technology for both the glass and the stone industries.  They were able to follow our dedicated seminars and live demonstrations regarding automation, robotics and integrated management systems that can help them exploit the opportunity offered by Industry 4.0”, says Lanfranco Fontanelli, Intermac Sales Director.

“We are facing a cultural shift that will impact our marketing strategies and the way we use communications channels, which is why we have revisited our strategy to better serve customers all over the world,” stated Raphael Prati, Corporate Marketing Communications Director.  “That's why we are launching the Digital Arena, a new online platform that will serve as a permanent repository for digital content made available for users from all over the world: a digital meeting place where one can go at any time to catch up on changes in the sector and rewatch all the videos made available.  The platform will serve as our "digital site", a virtual Campus that is the digital equivalent of our real world showrooms and campuses, a place for customers to go when they want to learn more about the solutions we offer through our technological or internal tours.  The Digital Arena is an interactive portal that will host digital events by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut. Visitors will be able log in and attend webinars and participate in live demos. It's a single digital location dedicated to wood, advanced materials, and the glass and stone processing industries, a place for inspirational content and for prompting dialogue and trading ideas,” concluded Prati.

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