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Free training guide for tradespeople launched

February 2021

A new guide providing tradespeople with training tips and practical business advice has been created to help those who are out of work or are looking to develop their existing skill set over lockdown.  The resource has been published by heating and utilities training provider Skills Training Group and also contains a detailed breakdown of the existing support packages which are available to people across the UK.

The shortage of tradespeople has been a well-documented problem for a number of years now with a report into employer skills finding 43% of vacancies in skilled trades are as a result of skills shortages.  As a result, the need for existing tradespeople to expand their skill set has perhaps never been greater than it is today.  While some people have remained busy during this third lockdown others have seen work drop-off, meaning they have more free time to invest into their professional development.

Skills Training Group’s resource provides people with tips on a wide variety of topics from gas safety to digital marketing and even highlights the several upskilling opportunities which exist.

Mark McShane, Skills Training Group’s MD, says:  “The last year has been extremely difficult for all of us with the latest lockdown hitting us particularly hard. Many tradespeople are once again faced with increasing challenges as a result of the restrictions which have been imposed.”

“We hope the guide can help people develop their existing skill sets and support them through these challenging times.  If work has dropped off or you simply have more free time as a result of the lockdown, now is a great time to invest in your professional development whether that be acquiring a new trade-specific skill or enhancing your knowledge of digital marketing.”

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