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Expert reveals the top bathroom trends for 2021

January 2021

With a new year bringing a new national lockdown, UK homeowners across are once again searching for interior trends to give their homes a stylish upgrade.  Google Trends data shows that searches for “bathroom ideas” doubled between early December and early January.

Here George Holland, bathroom design expert at Victorian Plumbing, offers his thoughts on 2021’s top bathroom trends and reveals how they can be achieved at home:  whether you’re looking to splash the cash or build a bathroom on a budget. 

Leaning Ladder Radiators

Leaning ladder radiators - which have become popular with interior designers over the last year - bring a modern aesthetic to your bathroom.  Increasingly popular with those looking to bring contemporary elements to their bathrooms, these unique designs are expected to trend way into 2021.

“These radiators can be added to any bathroom suite, including en-suites and smaller bathrooms. They also come in a variety of colours from chrome to black and white, so can work well with different colour palettes.”

Colourful Basins

Neutral shades continue to be a popular option for bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean that adding colour needs to be ruled out completely.  Colourful basins can make a powerful statement, without painting your walls or adding wallpaper. These basins bring elements of 70s retro back into the bathroom, a trend expected to grow in popularity in 2021.

“Compliment your basins with matching towel sets or other soft accents to highlight your colour schemes. These basins can bring a space to life and work well with neutral tones and backdrops. Adding matte black taps will bring the whole look together, giving a sophisticated feel to the space.”

Copper-effect Baths

A cheaper alternative to the copper trend sweeping through Instagram, copper effect baths give your home the same trendy aesthetic without breaking the bank.  Celebs such as Kendall Jenner and also Harry and Meghan have influenced the bathroom trend that erupted in 2020, and it looks set to continue to be a favourite moving into 2021.  The finish provides the same warm effect as actual copper but for a fraction of the price.

“These freestanding baths come in a variety of shapes and sizes so can easily be added into smaller spaces or even ensuites. Be wary of strong detergents or cleaning products as these can cause damage to the material, and make sure to use a soft cloth rather than a brush for cleaning to avoid scratches.”

Industrial Style Showers and Taps

Give your bathroom an industrial feel with a matching industrial shower and tap set. Influenced by metalwork and equipment found in traditional factories, these sets can transform your bathroom by offering a stylish edge. This versatile trend works well for both modern bathrooms and more traditional suites.

“These taps look really impressive when paired with modern freestanding baths. The contrast provided will make a statement in any bathroom. Despite being tall and imposing, their freestanding designs allow them to be fitted alongside baths of any size.”

Bluetooth Ceiling Lighting

A modern trend expected to rise in 2021 is Bluetooth lighting. A speaker, combined with  LED lighting, means you can control all your senses around you, creating a whole new level of ambience. This modern invention allows you to set the tone of your bathroom space - perfect for bright early mornings or indulgent pamper evenings.

“Bluetooth ceiling lights can help bring a bit of smart home functionality to your bathroom. The ability to stream audio from your phone makes showers and long soaks more enjoyable, while the powerful LED lighting works well in both light and dark bathrooms.”

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