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Ragno presents Ossimori

Wise connections

Extremely tactile and realistic stoneware surfaces mark a step forward in technology. Ossimoribuilds balanced connections between experience and expertise, offering a wide range of sizes and colours with textures inspired by traditional craftsmanship and the culture of antique wood with a contemporary vision of living.

Ossimori reflects Ragno’s new interior design philosophy, spanning large, bright rooms in which the boundaries between inside and outside dissolve in a continuous dialogue with the whole house, conveying an atmosphere of tranquillity and practicality.


Two oppositemoods are united in a naturally elegant collection in which the technological component becomes the key to exploring new stylistic meanings. The entire collection is made with the new ‘sublime sync’ technology, which matches patterning and structure, producing extremely realistic wood-effect stoneware in two different finishes. The former is slightly glossy and very textured, recreating the effect of classic timeworn wooden boards, while the latter is ultra-matt, extremely natural and non-reflective thanks to the use of ‘zero glossy’ technology.

Vivid sensations

Aesthetics and technology come together in Ossimori to create a versatile collection comprising four natural, delicate colours available in 25x150cm, 20x120cm, 11x54cm Chevron and 20x120cm outdoor sizes for constantly new installation solutions.

Two different surfaces

Naturale and Extra Matt – the first slightly glossy and the second super matt – guarantee an effect that is extremely faithful to the inspiration material thanks to the use of the ‘sublime sync’ technology, which guarantees tactile and aesthetic quality for oak-style stoneware with an authentic tactile appeal.

Inclusive dimensions

Veining shaped by nature produces a collection that spontaneously fits into contemporary architectural contexts. The extra matt surface is made with the ‘zero glossy’ technology, which eliminates the material’s reflectivity. Performance is enhanced by the use of ‘stepwise’ technology, which makes the product anti-slip, while preserving a soft feel and easy-to-clean surface. The slightly glossy Naturale surface recreates the effect of old wooden boards which, through wear and tear and foot traffic, lost the lustre of the waxed finish, while preserving it in less heavily used areas.


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