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EFI Cretaprint Shield for digital ceramic applications

EFI Cretaprint Shield are part of the EFI Cretaprint Hybrid Ceramic Ecosystem. They are satellite bars for digital glazing and other applications to do full digital ceramic decoration.

Sustainability Along with water-based tile ceramic decoration, digital glazing is a more sustainable process. It is our responsibility to develop environmentally friendly technologies helping to build sustainable manufacturing process. Effi ciency Reduced glazing costs are feasible thanks to:

• Exact amount of glaze is applied.

• Controlled application of glaze reducing waste both during application and cleaning.

• A more homogeneous glazing process and compatibility with water-based decoration results in reduction of non-quality costs that occur due to defects that often appear after polishing the tile pieces. Slab manufacturing Digital glazing is needed because it makes possible a homogeneous application of glaze.


EFI Cretaprint Shield complement your equipment and place them: – Prior to tile printing to apply digital glaze. – Post tile decoration, to apply glues and other effects.

• No cabin needed

• Ready for bulk tank supply

• Includes transport system

• Escada application to connect EFI Cretaprint Shield with your factory installed systems using standard communication protocol.

• Table in and out options for big slabs pieces.


Choose EFI Cretaprint Shield for:

Digital Glazing – It allows a more uniform and controlled glaze application.

Effectss – If you have no chance of upgrading the digital printer, you can use EFI Shield for effects.

Glues application – Available both eco-solvent and water-friendly. They can also be synchronized with rest of your equipment in plant thanks to CretaSync

Hybrid Ceramic Ecosystem

EFI Cretaprint is a robust and reliable technology for tile ceramic decoration. Only EFI Cretaprint offers a Hybrid Ecosystem that includes unique hybrid printers, water based inks and digital glazing, color management for ceramics and a set of service programs. That is: a global solution that simply Works.

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