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MP90 ECO XTREME: FILA’s eco-compatible stone sealer

Are you looking for an eco stone sealer for your commercial project? FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME is a force to be reckoned with, offering extreme water-and oil-repellent protection. TSJ provides the complete lowdown on this game-changing eco-compatible stone sealer.

Distinguished by its ecological defence against water, dirt, and stains, MP90 ECO XTREME is an eco-compatible natural stone protector by FILA.

MP90 ECO XTREME works by impregnating the surface of a material, thus preventing absorption without altering the aesthetics of the stone itself.

Made up of organic resins in aqueous suspension (density: 1.004 kg/l; pH: 9.9; flashpoint > 93°C), this sealer offers extreme water and oil repellent action which is free of hydrocarbon solvents. It is also suitable for horizontal or vertical surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, but is ideally suited for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops.

Eco-compatible, MP90 ECO XTREME can also be used for absorbent surfaces with a polished and unpolished finish made of natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, concrete tiles and terracotta.

Seven key benefits

  1. Ideal for any surface
    MP90 ECO XTREME can be used for all kinds of natural stone with any kind of finish to prevent the material from being permanently damaged by water or dirt absorption.
    Likewise, it’s ideal for polished natural stone and concrete to facilitate cleaning whilst providing water and oil repellent protection.
    Thanks to the ultimate FILA technology, this water-based sealer is also safe to use in any setting. This means there’s no need to invest in a collection of products for every project you do – one unique stone sealer is all you need for high-performing protection!
  2. It does not form a surface film or yellow
    Reducing absorption without affecting the material’s natural look, MP90 ECO XTREME does not form surface film, is resistant to UV rays, is non-yellowing and gives lasting protection over time (according to ASTM G154 standards), and is breathable (according to EN ISO 7783-2 standards).
    MP90 ECO XTREME does not substantially alter the degree of slipperiness of the material (according to ASTM C 1028-2007 [E2010] and BS 7976-2 2002), and neither does it alter the gloss level of the material (according to ASTM D523-08).
  3. Single-coat application and quick drying
    Due to its water-based formulation, MP90 ECO EXTREME is able to withstand residual humidity. It can, therefore, be applied 24-48 hours after the initial wash, making treatment on-site much quicker.
    This means the construction efficiency of a project will be greatly improved, especially since the surface can be walked on after just 2 hours.
    If you’re looking to streamline your projects, try MP90 ECO EXTREME stone sealer. It only takes a single-coat application and a gentle rub before it is completely absorbed.
  4. This stone stealer is graffiti-proof
    Graffiti is bad for business, there’s no doubt about that, and it can even cause damage to decorative or delicate surfaces.
    One of the most effective ways to reduce the effect of graffiti vandalism is to use MP90 ECO XTREME that will also prevent permanent harm to a property too. This means vandalism can be stopped in its tracks with this preventive sealer which stops graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces. Furthermore, to speed up the cleaning process, any graffiti can be easily removed using NOPAINT STAR, a gel graffiti remover.
  5. Improved stone specification
    The FILA Solutions range is characterised by products that work to improve the performance and the lifespan of a surface.
    Our new technology also allows architects and interior designers to improve the range of applications of the stone thanks to the higher performance of the products and Ultimate Shield Technology. Due to its water-based formula, application times are also drastically reduced compared to other solvent-based solutions.
  6. An eco-friendly solution
    With extremely low VOC emissions: certified by GEV and marked EC1Plus, this eco-compatible protector is hydrocarbon solvent-free and an environmentally friendly treatment.
    Water-based, it also won’t release harmful fumes, so it is more beneficial for the planet, and this sealer is biodegradable too. Furthermore, there’ll be no need to store solvents on site, promoting better site safety, and this water-based alternative dries in just two hours. MP90 ECO XTREME is also an economical choice thanks to its high performance and longevity, therefore, providing better coverage and, as a result, less waste.
    Additionally, this floor tile sealer is certified GEV-EMICODE – EC1Plus and contributes towards a green building’s LEED credits. By earning a LEED Certification, your company can gain a competitive edge, improve its green reputation, and work even more towards sustainable methods.
  7. Trusted by reputable stone suppliers
    MP90 ECO XTREME is widely used by many reputable names in the technical stone market. Liked for its ability to treat even the most delicate of materials, this sealer also protects many of the surfaces in some of the UK’s most prominent buildings.

    From the terrazzo flooring at 100 Liverpool Street to the Statuarietto marble throughout Southbank Place, it brings us great pleasure to see our eco-compatible protector perform in these places. In fact, 100 Liverpool Street is a low carbon building, and it earned an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM score, with a post-construction certification of 89.2%.

Fully tested by the FILA research centre
MP90 ECO XTREME is the latest sealer from FILA, created using modern, cutting-edge technologies. We also test new products, not only in the lab but also in the field before they go to market. Below are listed two tests carried out for this water-based sealer.

Capillary absorption test: During this test, capillary absorption is measured by placing the sample in question onto a polyurethane sponge that has been well soaked in water. The sponge is also inside a basin with water in order to keep it saturated. The amount of water absorbed is then determined by weighing the building material samples at the beginning of the test (when they are dry) and at various intervals after having been put into contact with the wet sponge. Values are expressed in kg / m2 and the smaller the weight variation and the water absorption, the higher the protective performance of the sealer.

Stain resistance test: In this test, the stain resistance is determined by keeping the test solutions in contact with the surface for 4 hours. After exposure, the surface is thoroughly cleaned, and the samples are visually inspected.

Our sealers have a durability that is proportional to the use and the exposure of the material itself. Penetrating inside the surface, the sealer wears out as the stone ages.

How to use MP90 ECO XTREME
With MP90 ECO XTREME, no dilution is needed, just shake, and this product is ready to go! For materials with a matt finish such as natural stone, terracotta and concrete, this sealer should be applied evenly onto a clean, dry surface, including the grout lines, with a brush or fleece pad. Any excess should then be thoroughly dabbed before the sealer dries with a clean cloth.

For materials with a glossy finish like polished marble or porcelain tiles, again, apply this sealer evenly and continuously onto a clean, dry surface.

Before the product dries (approximately 10-15 minutes), rub the surface with a wet microfibre cloth to further help the product soak into the surface before drying with a clean cloth. Depending on the material and the effect desired, a finishing wax can be applied to porous materials such as natural stone.

If you’d like to find out more about this fantastic stone sealer, please get in touch with our team; we would be delighted to talk you through the many benefits of using this product.
T: 02080161856
E: filaUK@filasolutions.com
W: https://www.filasolutions.com/eng/

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