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Unique, aesthetic, and functional designs

TSJ profiles Yurtbay Seramik, one of Turkey’s leading ceramic tile manufacturers. Yurtbay creates collections that are designed and produced according to the motto “from nature to art.”

Thanks to its undoubted elegance and unique expressiveness, marble has played an essential role since ancient times, enjoying symbolic and ceremonial importance in architectural and artistic traditions.

The reproduction of marbles on ceramics, which will become even more popular in 2021 – 2022, is a perfect example of how art becomes art. This season, Yurtbay Seramik brings the natural wonder of marble to the forefront, combining it with durability.

Marble-look porcelain tile collections of Yurtbay Seramik reinterpret the unique characteristics of the most famous types of marble. This is achieved by carefully researching the definitive styles to highlight the veining and colours on the refined surfaces. The timeless beauty of the marble merges with the enduring characteristics of glazed porcelain to create elegant furnishing solutions with a modern look.

The collections of porcelain tiles in marble look are suitable both for use in classic contexts, with their smaller, traditional shapes, and for furnishing modern private or commercial spaces with character, thanks to the many sizes and finish options.

Calm as a deep ocean, mighty as the glaciers: ATLANTIC
Prestige and perfect sheen are characteristic of Atlantic; a collection that cleverly combines a selection of colourful marbles and the gemstone Labradorite in a modern style.

Achieve the luxurious look of marble with the durability of porcelain in the Atlantic 600 by 1,200mm polished porcelain wall and floor tile.

Calacatta Aqua is another new range by Yurtbay Seramik, characterized by its modern to classic appearance with the added impact of watercolour brush-look veins. Delicate deep blue veins and a smooth white background combine in the Calacatta Aqua series, available in large and medium sizes to enhance the balance of surfaces and suit all settings: 300 by 600mm, 600 by 1,200mm, and tiny hexagon mosaics on a net. Rectified edges make for a seamless appearance, while the polished finish adds an element of glamour.

Another gorgeous series, and the best selling range in the UK, is Invisible Marble, which immediately catches the eye with its charming effect. The range offers an exotic look with contrasting hues and vivid veins in silvery greys and golds that create a stunning marble look. The series comes in five size options, and three different finishes: 600 by 1,200mm, 600 by 600mm, 300 by 600mm, tiny hexagon mosaics on a net, and 50 by 50mm mosaic squares on a net; with polished, satinato, and matt finishes.

The Eternal Series of marble-look tile is an expression of a classic style reinterpreted in an elegant, modern form. Thanks to the option of multiple sizes and finishes, it is perfect for integration into modern interior projects. Available in 600 by 1,200mm, 600 by 600mm, 300 by 600mm, tiny hexagon mosaics on a net, and 50 by 50mm mosaic squares on a net: with a polished finish.
Visit the Yurtbay Seramik website for more information about the entire collection, and the brand-new series.
W: www.yurtbayseramik.com
UK Agent: Intceram
E: [email protected]
T: 01132 350340
W: www.intceram.com

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