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Sao Paulo signals

From 8th to 11th March, the Trans-américa Expo Center, in São Paulo, Brazil hosted Revestir in a new hybrid format: part digital and part in-person exhibition. TSJ offers selected highlights.

Revestir, Latin America’s foremost surfaces show, celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary in 2022, covering all seven pavilions of the Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo.

This will be the event’s final running at this venue, as it moves to São Paulo Expo at Rodovia dos Imigrantes in 2023.

The 2022 event was unique because, in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, it had a novel hybrid format: part digital and part in-person exhibition.

“The event was an opportunity for the sector to meet again and will certainly be a business driver throughout the year,” says Benjamin Ferreira Neto, Chairman of Anfacer. “Over the years, the event has grown and consolidated itself as the most important event in the cover- ings and finishing solutions segment in Latin America, and one of the main events in the world for civil construction,” notes Neto.

This year’s hybrid format was designed to break boundaries by taking trends and exhibitor releases to the four corners of the world.

“By connecting the physical and digital universes, we increase the reach and business possibilities, in addition to strengthening contact with the market, resellers, specifiers, and everyone who is part of the construction production chain,” explains Maurício Borges, CEO of Expo Revestir and FIAC.

2022 saw the exhibition reach the maximum capacity of the Transamerica Expo Center, with an exhibition that combined ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, taps, and brassware, with ornamental stone, mosaics, wood, laminates, and various conglomerate materials. There was also a comprehensive education programme, offering in-depth insights into current trends and innovations.

Hybrid format includes digital
In 2022, FIAC – International Forum of Architecture, Design and Construction – remained virtual, as it was in 2021. In this event, renowned speakers from the world of architecture and design delivered lectures with themes aimed at architects, interior designers, and students.

Together, they presented the current global reality; exploring the challenges of a post-pandemic world, alongside other geo-political influences.

In the wake of the success of the 2021 digital edition, the 20th Expo Revestir simultaneously took place virtually, 24 hours a day, from 8th to 11th March, on the digital platform.

The digital version allowed visitors to save admired products and brands, and check out launches from the in-person event. The platform also hosted FIAC, with presentations from the likes of Dutch designer, Maarten Baas, and the American architect, Charles Renfro.

This platform is designed to provide complete immersion in the trade show: the objective being to offer an authentic Revestir experience to all four corners of the world, at any time, and from any device.

Event highlights
Given the growing importance of sustainability in construction, Anfacer promoted exclusive content related to the topics of quality and sustainability through the Anfacer + Sustainable Marathon programme. Topics included The potential of specification in the digital journey, and Towards a low carbon economy.

Women’s Day presented a feminine view of the construction industry, with five women leaders presenting their achievements.

Other talks looked at the universe of lighting in architecture, and façades in commercial buildings by Konigsberger Vannucchi, Aflalo/Gasperini, and DMDV

Interior Designer Day featured both Lissa Carmona and Liliah Angelini. The latter explored the house as sanctuary and the immersion of spaces that coexist in the physical and digital world influenced by the rise of the Metaverse.

Meanwhile Andréa de Paiva investigated the impact of technology on people’s minds. Maarten Baas and Omar Fernandes also featured in a star-studded line up.

Product trends
Beauty, functionality, visual continuity, and different uses for floors, walls, furniture, and worktops were all prominent this year. In the 20th anniversary edition, large formats were centre stage, boosted by high definition digital printing of different colours and textures on porcelain tiles up to 3 metres long.

For sheer exuberance and vitality, few exhibitors could hold a candle to Almma Design. As well as curating and editing wall and floor tiles, the company rightly bills itself as a platform for ideas and inspiration.

Almma believes in “affectionate design, which goes beyond decor: it expresses feelings, values roots, gives meaning and meaning, uniqueness and belonging. The emphasis is on the possibility of materials and visual references that arouse sensations because we expand the concept of reason: we have emotion as an instrument. We want to occupy spaces with affection, joy and creativity. We open space to create and inspire environments whose great strength is creativity and originality.” This may all sound a bit vague and woolly, but the concept truly comes to life in ranges like Atelie.
In the Artemix collection from Almma different patterns and prints mix and match in most unexpected ways, in an inspired interplay of imagination, and harmony.

There are many inspirations: from the shapes of cobogós to the power and visual richness of tiles, including psychedelic patterns, cartoons, and geometric combinations. In today’s maximalist world, this is a portfolio well worth exploring. www.almma.com.br

Gaudí Porcelanato showcased blue, gold, and white tones across more than 65 tile designs in 600 by 600, 800 by 800, 610 by 1,200, 200 by 1,200, and 1,200 by 1,200mm formats, in polished, satin, and two non-slip finishes. The highlight was Dunne Blue porcelain from the Pallazo range. The polished design, inspired by the oriental Year of the Tiger, has a colour palette that references both water and the big cat itself. https://www.gaudiporcelanato.com.br

Elizabeth Revestimentos’ new 1,200 by 1,200mm format included strong designs such as Imperial Branco: a hybrid marble with cement texture. http://www.ceramicaelizabeth.com.br

Villagres’ new Atlantis line highlights organic veins on a differentiated bluish background, mixed with reddish features; in a generous 805 by 1,400mm format.

Also new, the Lombardia range delivers brushed and external textures in 1,080 by 1,080mm. https://www.villagres.com.br

One of Brazil’s tile giants, Portobello presented novelties that expand the portfolio in different formats, colours, and finishes. The highlight is the new Ms. Barcelona Antracita colour, an intermediate shade between Crystal and Acero. The warmer shade of grey provides cosiness and broadens the options for multiple environments.

With the upgrade of the Via Durini line, this stone-effect has gained a cosmopolitan air with its soft texture and neutral tones. Available in four tones, both in the 900 by 900mm format and in the exclusive 900 by 2,700mm format for walls, Via Durini expresses European elegance. A new 600 by 1,200mm format further expands the possibilities. https://www.portobello.com.br/en

Incenor stood out with products featuring irregular edges that fit perfectly with minimal joints. This makes the pieces appear natural and minimises the perception of grouting. The products offer practicality, durability, good looks, and a great cost/benefit ratio. Stone-effects, in various textures, shapes, and sizes, are the stars of a range that majors on natural design. https://www.incenor.com.br

The most eye-catching design on Helena Porcelanato’s stand was the Hope Blue porcelain tile (610 by 1,200mm) from the Marmo range. In all, this factory launched more than 40 designs in satin, satin/glossy, granilla and gloss, polished, relief, relief and gloss, and rustic finishes. The formats range from 820 by 820mm up to 1,200 by 1,200mm, divided between the Marmo, Mineralli, Metropoli, Albero, and Essenziale ranges. Helena is part of Grupo Cedasa. https://www.helenaporcelanato.com.br

Inspired by northwest India, the Jaipur collection, from Lurca Azulejos, is a modern take on this rich culture, known for its colours, flowers, and fabrics. With predominantly warm tones, the range has six designs: Jalis, Sari, Mahal, Mandir, Lotus, and Delhi.

This designer brand also launched Agra and Udaipur Kits. Lurca’s tiles are silk-screened and fired at 940oC, resulting in durable, low-maintenance pieces that can be used on indoor and outdoor walls and wet areas. They measure 155 by 155mm, 6mm thick, and have a gloss finish. https://www.lurca.com.br

Karina Revestimentos’s Prima Collection features designs in high relief that emphasise the effect of light and shadow. The Fileto line has filleted wood as a source of inspiration and modern 3D relief full of personality. More at https://www.karinarevestimentos.com.br

Itagres presented the Reflexos 2022 collection, with a wide range of bold products designed for different environments and functionalities. Lightness and versatility set the tone for the brand’s new collection. The variety presented ranges from inspirations in marble and geometric shapes to artistic prints. Also present in the collection are pieces inspired by macramé patterns, and those that play into the minimalist trend. http://www.itagres.com.br

Colours, textures, and prints characterised Incepa’s launches. Balanced tones and a calm atmosphere are the features of the new Nature range, offered in a 300 by 900mm format. Alfama has a more intimate, cottage, feel: such as Alfama Candy, in pastel shades.

Incepa also had SuperFormato pieces, from the Portofino line, inspired by Crema Marfil marble, in 1,200 by 1,200mm, and 1,000 by 2,000mm formats. https://www.incepa.com.br

Another of the big Brazilian brands, Eliane offered products inspired by minimalism and anchored in high technology. The Lumina collection, for example, presented pieces based on the design-wave style, such as Poente (150 by 150mm).

Micron seeks inspiration in natural stone and presents high performance for extreme uses. The collection’s wildcard palette, Micron Beige, delivered a surface based on the aesthetics of coloured granites, in a versatile and timeless shade. Eliane is now part of the Mohawk empire. https://www.eliane.com

The idea of immaterial architecture runs through the concept of the launches by Decortiles, which has turned to the senses and new sensibilities. The theme of the new collection is Invisible, which proposes looking at one’s own interior, serenity, and materiality. The Maestro collection, for example, is inspired by clear marbles, Calacatta Ouro being one of the highlights. In the large format 1,200 by 1,200mm porcelain tile, the golden and fluid veins of the Italian marble gain life and movement. There is also a 600 by 1,200mm version. Decortiles is part of the Eliane group. https://www.decortiles.com

Lepri, a brand known for its rustic touch and ecological focus, majored on products that simulate bricks in maxi formats. The Maxi Brick line, for example, brings the Maxi Brick Mattone Graffiatto Cappuccino model (90 by 360mm), made from the mud that devastated the city of Mariana, in Minas Gerais. The piece has the grooves often seen in clay and a velvety texture. The Maxi Brick Mattone Chiaro line reproduces the feel of demolition bricks, with a smoother texture. Among the other highlights, there are tiles in different formats, and pieces inspired by aged white bricks. https://lepri.com.br

Carmelo Fior launched the Cristalato line, with products in large formats (750 by 750mm) and polished or satin finishes. The range presents high gloss models with the aesthetic effect of crystal, recalling the veins found in marble. The neutral tones can augment a wide range of environments. Find out more at: https://www.carmelofior.com.br

Biancogres presented porcelain tiles inspired by organic forms in a palette of neutral, earthy, and pastel tones. Highlights include the Botanic and Folhas (both 450 by 900mm), Terrazzo Veneziano Avorio 900 by 900mm, Treviso 600 by 600mm, and Legno Maso 260 by 1,060mm. https://www.biancogres.com.br

The concepts of nature indoors, and care for the environment, ran through Alfagrês’ launches. Among light and dark tone options, wood shapes and textures dominate the Carvalho Natural, Ipê Brown and Carmel lines. Another trend was marbles, with clear pieces that fall between sobriety and sophistication such as the Marfil and Marmo Grey ranges. More information at https://alfagres.com/
The Castelli brand presented pieces based on dark marble, which express sophistication and nobility in a unique way. The Castel Belvedere Lux P71005 – Brodick 70706, for example, brings the authenticity of the marble veins for a fluid and organic look. More at: https://castelliporcelanato.com.br

Ceusa’s new designs dialogue with contemporary trends in these fields: Passarela, Alegria, Imaginária, Exótica, Cacau, Metal Garden, Miragem and Astro. Among the highlights is Exótica, which seeks inspiration in the natural stone quartzite, with vivid textures and fluid palettes that refer to shades of blue and gray. The pieces are ideal for worktops, tables and panels, with dimensions varying from robust rectangular formats (260 by 1,600mm) to no less significant square pieces (800 by 800mm and 1,000 by 1,000mm). More at: https://www.ceusa.com.br/en

One of Damme Porcelanato’s highlights was the Sahara product, inspired by brands such as Dior and Versace, which dared to use distinctive colours (such as neon, yellow, orange, green, and pink) and brought dark tones to the foreground. Sahara highlights earthy tones and is available in the 1,210 by 1,210mm, 1,200 by 1,200mm, 620 by 1,210mm, and 610 by 1,200mm formats. More information at: https://www.dammeporcelanato.com.br

Marbled textures were to the fore in Delta’s launches, in a colour palette that highlights the free forms common to marble, with light, dark or chiaroscuro backgrounds that combine sophistication, grandeur and lightness in their surfaces. Integrated to the large formats trend, the pieces vary between 840 by 840mm and 630 by 1,200mm. The high gloss surface finish is impressive. https://www.deltaceramica.com.br

Marble’s guaranteed space in architecture and decoration is typified by Topázio Brown from Incopisos: a 560 by 560mm design inspired by brown topaz stone. It has white and beige veins, which give a feeling of amplitude to the ambiance. Sagres Taupe, in a 750 by 750mm format, is versatile and can be used in indoor residential environments: living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. More at: https://www.incopisos.com.br

Pamesa’s latest textures and formats were inspired by natural rocks. The pieces stand out for their organic veins and the naturalism of the shapes. The four ranges launched by the brand this year bring this characteristic in a striking way. Bay, for example, presents the sobriety of cobalt blue in an exotic polished marble, which is a key piece for impact compositions, while Bórgia is inspired by the Calacata marble family, with soft grayish veins on a neutral background. The pieces come in 760 by 760mm format. More at: https://www.pamesa.com.br

Pierini’s new Ondas Soft line, for example, brings pieces in 200 by 200mm based on the colours and movement of the sea, in soft shades of blue. The Duefratelli Cerâmica lines – Oro Blu, Carvalho, Ravena, and Bávaro Blue – dialogue with the same concept. The result is a union between fluidity, tranquility, and sophistication. https://www.pierini.com.br

The lastra format is the Portinari brand’s flagship product. With pieces that reach 3,200mm, Portinari is emphasising amplitude with pieces can be applied on different surfaces, such as floors, walls, façades, furniture, panels, stairs, and worktops. The brand delivered a diversity of surfaces, colours, and shapes. There were product lines inspired by wood, metal, natural stone, and timber, as well as concepts such as minimalism and cosmopolitanism, as in the Moscou collection. Find out more at: https://www.ceramicaportinari.com.br

Ceramica Savane offered10 new ranges with a wide selection of different inspirations. These included Essence and Anticato, both in 900 by900mm, and Artesanale in 570 by 1,150mm.

Roca Cerámica launched 22 collections: from superformats to varied prints, indicating that personalizing space is a trend. The lines also feature BioSafe technology, an additive that remains for the entire useful life of the porcelain tile and is capable of eliminating 99% of the virus and bacteria that come into contact with the surface. https://www.rocaceramica.com.br/en

The next edition of Revestir will take place from 14th to 17th March 2023 at São Paulo Expo, Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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