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BAL’s external tiling range trusted for long-life installations

Launched to the market last year, BAL’s external tiling range provides installers with a trusted solution for fixing external tiles and pavers: including popular 20mm external porcelain.

Developed using market-leading performance and quality standards, the installation range provides improved installation for the two main build-ups in the UK: concrete bases or Type 1 MOT substrates. There is even a simple, faster track BAL system for use on concrete which is already in suitable condition for direct tiling.

When installing onto Type 1 MOT, professional and long-lasting installations are made possible with three BAL External Tiling Range Products:

BAL Bedding Mortar: a polymer-modified, pre-blended mix of cement and graded fillers to provide a stable semi-dry mortar bed.

Unlike traditional sand:cement mortar beds, BAL Bedding Mortar is simple to use – just add water and mix in a force action mixer. The pre-bagged mortar means consistent mix and performance every time.

A product for all seasons, it is great to use in small weather windows, particularly as it gives more than 1 hour working time.

Unlike sand:cement mixes, which need 24 to 48 hours curing before grouting, BAL Bedding Mortar is walkable and groutable in 12 hours. This means quicker project completion.

Freeze/thaw resistant, BAL Bedding Mortar also provides a reduced risk of discoloured joints and efflorescence.

BAL Priming Slurry Bond is a flexible slurry priming coat for bonding external pavers and tiles. Fast and simple to use, it only required mixing with water and provides excellent bond strength between base and pavers or tiles. Easily brushable, it achieves excellent coverage of 8 sq. metres at 2mm thickness.

John Sumner from Treeview Developments, who recently tried out the system on a patio installation in Kent gave this glowing review.

“I was extremely impressed with the system, especially the Priming Slurry Bond, I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever used. I won’t be using anything else from now on.”

BAL Terrace Grout completes the system – a high performance flexible joint compound for pavers and tiles. Available in 4 key colours – beige, light grey, dark grey and charcoal, it is super smooth and hard-wearing. Easily mixed on-site with water it provides exceptional bond strength and flexibility – and can be used for joint widths up to 15mm.

As an even simpler and faster system when fixing onto concrete which is already in a good condition for tiling, but may need smoothing out, BAL has launched BAL Level Out, a fast-setting one-part external levelling compound for smoothing rough or impact damaged concrete.

Walkable after 2 to 3 hours, it can be applied from 2mm to 20mm thick in a single application.

Smooth flow and with excellent coverage – 3 sq. metres at 5mm thick – water content can also be reduced for creating falls.

When fixing tiles and natural stone direct onto concrete or leveller, BAL recommends the use of BAL Pourable One or BAL Rapid XP Plus.

Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing at BAL, said: “A straightforward system, our External Tiling Range it provides ease of use and high performance when installing external porcelain tiles, pavers or slabs.”

“As market-leaders for tiling in the UK and supported by the research and development capabilities of the global ARDEX Group, BAL’s product range uses the most up-to-date technology is trusted for long-lasting patios and terraces.”
More at www.bal-adhesives.com

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