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Setting high standards

May 2017

Instarmac Group acquires Granfix Products
One big news story in the tile adhesive and grout sector in the last 12 months was the acquisition of Granfix Products by Instarmac Group.  Granfix Products has been manufacturing wall and floor tile adhesives, finishes, cleaning and maintenance products for wall and floor tiles since 1992.  Following the deal, production of all Granfix products has moved to Instarmac’s production plant based in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Instarmac’s Marketing Manager, Rebecca Talbot, stated that Ultra Tile and Granfix will continue as stand-alone brands.  “It is our aim to channel R&D into new areas, but the real benefit for customers will be that Granfix products will now be distributed via Instarmac’s industry-leading warehousing and logistics operation.  All Granfix deliveries going forward will be undertaken by Instarmac’s existing 35-strong vehicle fleet.”

Everbuild distributes the Schönox brand
Everbuild now holds exclusive distribution rights for the  Schönox brand which spans installation products for all types of floor tiles and coverings; including levelling compounds, floor adhesives, primers and waterproofing membranes.

The Schönox brand is exclusively available to order through Sika Everbuild alongside their current product range.  The range includes Schönox ZM Rapid, a rapid setting self-levelling compound allowing coverings to be laid after just 90 minutes.

Also available is Schönox iFloor System, a new system that incorporates a unique rollable adhesive; and Schönox Durocoll, a multi-purpose, high quality, reinforced dispersion adhesive, for use with high movement soft floor coverings.

You+BAL marketing initiative launched
After a high profile teaser campaign, BAL has finally revealed the true nature of its You+BAL initiative that puts fixers and contractors at the heart of everything.
Since it was formed more than 50 years ago by the British Ceramic Tile Council, “You+BAL is our way of welcoming all fixers and contractors to partner with BAL, because together is stronger,” explained Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing.  “It’s an even greater opportunity for everyone to be the heartbeat of BAL: to instantly benefit from the full support the company can offer, giving BAL Partners access into BAL to develop the products and time-saving tools to help business development.

BAL Partners get access to:

  • BAL’s development programme to test new technology and services
  • Free business development tools
  • Free business support tools
  • Training courses
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Exclusive rewards and discounts

Going forward, BAL will offer Partners the chance to have greater access inside BAL, enhanced tools and priority support services by becoming Certified Partners and Advanced Certified Partners.
Underwood stated: “Whilst there are rewards, offers and exclusive discounts given, this is only one small part of You + BAL.  It is much bigger than this; it is a true partnership programme, bringing tilers, contractors and other professionals into the inner circle of the market-leaders with access to real business development tools and support as well as the chance to shape the future.”

Kerakoll Group strengthens its UK team
Kerakoll has put together a plan for growth in the UK market which envisages, amongst other things, the building of a production plant in the market by 2019.  Filippo Iacconi, a graduate of Kerakoll’s ‘cantera’, has been appointed as the new General Manager of Kerakoll UK.

“The United Kingdom represents a very interesting market which has performed to our great satisfaction over the last few years with a continuous increase in sales,” said Luca Sghedoni, Chief Executive, Kerakoll Group. “We have some very ambitious objectives which foresee the opening of a production plant within three years.  In the meantime, we will continue to reinforce our presence with an even more complete range of products for the laying of ceramic tiles and natural stone.  The UK has a thriving ecological culture and so presents an ideal context for highlighting the value of GreenBuilding, the style of building promoted by Kerakoll which is aimed at the environment and improvements in health and quality of life through eco-friendly, naturally breathable and very energy efficient building materials.”

Kerakoll has around 1,350 employees, and gets 45% of its turnover from abroad.  It is currently directly represented in 12 countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, France and India all have production plants.  The UK, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, USA and UAE are sales companies.

Kerakoll UK began trading in April 2008 and has been growing steadily since then, despite the difficult economic conditions.  Kerakoll has been specified on a large number of important projects such as the Selfridges store in the Birmingham Bull Ring, the Shard, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus tube stations, the Oxford University Life Sciences Building, and many more.

Weber.set pro lite-rapid launch
Weber.set pro lite-rapid tile adhesive has joined Saint-Gobain Weber’s range of tile adhesives and grouts for the professional tile fixer.  Weber.set pro lite-rapid is suitable for use on all solid substrates including under-floor heating and has a high polymer content to provide ultra-flexibility (S2), while maintaining a strong C2 bond strength.

Weber.set pro lite-rapid benefits from Low Dust Technology which reduces airborne dust created during pouring and mixing of the adhesive.  It also contains Cement Replacement Technology providing an environmentally-friendly formulation without compromising product performance.  The adhesive’s rapid-setting qualities allow light foot traffic and grouting in just two hours.  Weber.set pro lite-rapid is available in 25kg bags.

Mapei launches Mapeguard WP 200 thin waterproofing membrane and Mapeguard WP Adhesive
Mapei has launched Mapeguard WP 200, a flexible, thin-layered waterproofing/anti-fracture membrane and Mapeguard WP Adhesive, a two-component reactive adhesive, to its waterproofing and ceramic product lines.

Mapeguard WP 200 is an alkali-resistant, waterproofing and decoupling membrane that is best suited for use under ceramic and natural stone tiles.  It can be used in wet areas such as, wetrooms, showers and kitchens.

The product also works as an anti-fracture membrane, which can help prevent cracked tiles caused by lateral movement or thermal stresses. It is ideal for floors and walls.  The non-woven fabric ensures good bond strength of the adhesive between the membrane and the substrate.

Mapeguard WP Adhesive is a rapid-drying elastic cementitious adhesive, ideal for bonding Mapeguard sealing tape to Mapeguard WP200 membrane.  It can be applied by a brush, roller or trowel on walls and floors ensuring a perfectly watertight seal.

Mapeguard WP 200 is available in 5 and 30m length rolls and is complemented with prefabricated sealing tape, corner pieces and pipe gaskets.

Keracolor Flex grout in contemporary colours
Keracolor Flex from Mapei is a flexible, water-repellent grout, now available in seven natural contemporary shades: Sand Storm, Soft Stone, Limestone, Oyster, Pearl, Pebble and White Sand.
It is suitable for grout joint widths from 1 to 6mm and can be used with ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass and mosaics.

Resistance to water and thermal change, make Keracolor Flex ideal for use in wet areas, with underfloor heating and on external applications exposed to freeze/thaw cycles.  Once cured, Keracolor Flex provides a smooth finish which is highly resistant to abrasion.  It is available in 5kg AluPak bags and can be mixed with Mapei Fugolastic additive if improved performance is required.

Mapei UK introduces Adesilex P9 Express
Mapei UK’s Adesilex P9 Express is a cement-based, rapid-setting adhesive, ideal for the internal and external installation of porcelain, ceramic and non-moisture sensitive natural stone materials to floors.

The adhesive can fix tiles to suitably prepared timber substrates such as 15mm plywood floors.  Adesilex P9 Express can also be used to bond tiles over floors containing wet or electrical underfloor heating systems.

Adesilex P9 Express’s setting time is just four hours; ideal for areas subject to high foot-traffic.  It is supplied in 20kg bags and comes in white and grey colour options.

BAL Micromax2 now comes in Anthracite
BAL has added an Anthracite shade to its Micromax2 range of flexible wall and floor grouts.  The new shade is available in 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg bags and is supported by a colour-matched silicone sealant.

The ashen-hued grout is the perfect match for darker tiles that don’t quite pair with Ebony, the darkest shade of the BAL Micromax2 family.  Its super smooth formulation allows for easy application into gaps as fine as 1mm, while its super strong and flexible characteristics mean it is equally suitable for joints as wide as 20mm.
BAL Micromax2 comes with built-in Microban protection to stop the growth of bacteria and unsightly black mould.  It is also available in White, Manilla, Jasmine, Pebble, Chocolate, Gunmetal, Smoke, Ebony and Cocoa.

BAL launches improved Easypoxy AG epoxy adhesive and grout
BAL has launched an improved formulation of its hygienic waterproof BAL Easypoxy AG epoxy adhesive and grout for walls and floors.  This provides end users with an epoxy that is easier to mix, apply and clean-off.

Now available in white, black and grey, BAL Easypoxy AG has a set time of only 12 hours, and an extended pot life of 45 minutes.

Recommended for commercial and domestic installations including kitchens, industrial/chemical plants, showers, swimming pools and other hygienic critical environments, BAL Easypoxy AG is perfect for ceramics, porcelain and fully vitrified tiles, mosaics and glass or translucent tiles including glass mosaics.
Topps Tiles launches BAL Rapid-Flex Fibre Plus nationwide
Topps Tiles now stocks BAL Rapid-Flex Fibre Plus in over 330 stores nationwide.  With an extended open time of 30 minutes, the adhesive can be left exposed for longer than other rapidsets prior to skinning over; while a working time of 60 minutes means that the adhesive can be mixed and left in the bucket for longer while still providing the ability to grout after just three hours.

These time-saving benefits are matched by exceptional strength, flexibility and grab thanks to BAL’s  Fibre Strand Technology.  The adhesive records an excellent non-slip performance rating and easily passes the EN1308 slip test.  Due to its S1 rated flexibility, it is suitable for tiling direct onto plywood walls without an admix.

Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Wall Grout available in new colours
Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Wall Grout is a fine textured smooth finish grout for internal and external wall tiling joints up to 5mm wide.  It now comes in an extended range of colours – white, crème, sandstone, jasmine, dark grey, anthracite, alabaster, brown and grey – enabling it to be used alongside the full range of Norcros 4 into 1 silicone sealants.

The inclusion of Rock-Tite polymeric binders makes the product suitable for use with all types of tiles, including glass and mosaics, where it has excellent adhesion characteristics. Its high flexibility and strength makes it ideal for dry-lined walls and surfaces subject to repeated vibration, such as would be found in power showers.

The product contains Stop Mould Anti-Bacterial Fortification to protect against the build-up of mould and discolouration which can be found in areas prone to frequent wetting, high humidity and condensation.

Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Grout Conforms to classification BS EN 13888 CG2 and is supplied in a 5kg bag.

Norcros Adhesives Ultim8 B+ nominated for Tomorrow’s Contract Floors Award
Norcros Ultim8 B+ was nominated for the Tomorrow’s Contract Floors Awards 2016.  Norcros Ultim8 B+ was developed specifically to enable easy and rapid tiling on to bitumen or asphalt surfaces, or surfaces coated with contact adhesive residues.

This is particularly an issue in refurbishment projects, but bitumen surfaces are also encountered in new build, particularly in cellars, where bitumen DPMs are often installed.  Ultim8 B+ offers a straightforward solution for tiling in such circumstances, whether interior or exterior.

Tilemaster Setaflex Semi-Rapid offers extended working times
Tilemaster offers a comprehensive range of grouts, adhesives and floor-levelling products, designed to cater for the needs and preferences of tilers and flooring contractors.
All products are manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire, by the UK-based family firm, in accordance with the CE process and to specified EN standards.

Products are available to suit all substrates and tile finishes, from large format porcelain floor tiles to intricate natural stone tiles and mosaics.  They are offered along with expert advice and back-up from Tilemaster’s hands-on team, renowned for its customer focus and support.

In direct response to customer requests, new products developed by Tilemaster include six additional grout shades within the best-selling Grout 3000 range.  In tones developed to reflect tile trends, the new colours include sage, almond, cocoa, natural grey and dark grey.  All 14 Grout 3000 shades colour-match Tilemaster’s neutral-cure Silicone 3000+ range.  The grouts are suitable for wall and floor tile installations – inside and out – and comprise over 25% recycled material.  Other grout options include Tilemaster Flexigrout and Wide Joint Grout.

For adhesives, Tilemaster’s range now includes 13 individual products.  Developed to cater for all settings and location requirements, products span from highly flexible (S2) rapid-set adhesives, for surfaces subjected to movement and moisture, to eco-formulations that give an extended open time and provide more than 60% higher coverage.  Fast setting cement-based systems include Rapid Extrabond, Trade Flexi Rapid, Rapid Setaflex, Thick Bed Flexi Rapid, Ultimate and Gypsum-based Anhyfix.  For longer working times, options include Standard Set, Standard Setaflex, Light Weight Standard, Standard Set Extrabond and Setaflex Semi-Rapid.

Tilemaster grouts and adhesives are offered alongside a comprehensive range of surface preparation products.

New literature produced for the Ultra brand
The main Ultra Tile brochure has had its content updated to feature all products in the portfolio.  Product selection charts have been reviewed to make them easier to navigate.  A dedicated grout and silicone section has been added and a new installation guide – Using a Damp Proof Membrane – will help to clarify any installation issues.

Ultra Floor, Ultra Tile’s sister brand, has been added detailing all smoothing underlayments, repair mortars, primers and damp proof membranes in full.

Ultrascape Flowpoint has also been included.  This flowable grout is ideal for external paving jobs.  Available in three varieties; Regular, ECO and Smooth, Flowpoint can be used with natural stone and granite paving.

Instarmac unveils enhanced website
Instarmac’s new website – – that has been developed using the latest online technology and designed with their customers’ needs in mind.  It boasts many improvements and new features including a dedicated homepage for each of Instarmac’s six brands: UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTile, UltraFloor, Wondertex and Granfix.  Each of these homepages feature common sense product categories that allow visitors to find what they need easily and quickly.

Visitors will also benefit from improved product pages that have been designed so information can be found quickly; essential when contractors are on-site and need information fast.  Every product includes an enhanced product calculator, related products and a download area, where visitors can view and download technical and safety datasheets, brochures and application videos.

ProFlex S2 adhesive from Ultra Tile
ProFlex S2 is a single-part, flexible, fibre-reinforced adhesive for wall and floor tiles.  Classified as S2, the product has the flexibility for areas where slight movement or vibration can occur, including timber floors and floors with underfloor heating.  It is formulated with a C2 F performance for rapid setting properties and increased cement.  This adhesive product may be used internally or externally.

ProFlex S2 can be laid at bed thicknesses from 3 to 20mm; has a pot life of 40 minutes and sets within 3.5 hours.  Suitable for use on wet room installations, ProFlex S2 –  is said to be the only classified S2 product containing fibres on the market – comes in 20kg bags –

UltraTile’s attractive new grout colours
UltraTile has added a new Charcoal grout colour, as well as Limestone and Charcoal silicones, to the brand’s finishing range.  The Charcoal grout and matching silicone are ideal for use with lighter tiles creating a striking contrast, while the new soft Limestone silicone complements the existing UltraTile range of natural grout colours and is ideal for use with natural stone and neutral themes.

Suitable for all kitchen and bathroom applications, UltraTile FlexJoint wall and floor grout boasts mould-resistant and water-repellent properties for hygienic domestic or commercial applications.

ProSeal IT, a pure silicone sealant, is fully ISO compliant and offers high bond and elasticity for all sanitary applications.

Codex announces a new white adhesive
Codex has launched WX 211; a new white adhesive that has an exceptional high grab and four hour pot life.  Codex WX 211 is extremely reliable and flexible, making it ideal for both interior and exterior walls and floors.  It can be used to install ceramic tiles, porcelain and stone.

With reduced slip and an extended open time of 30 minutes it allows tiles to be installed easily and it can also be used over under floor heating systems.

WX 211 has been awarded an EC1 Plus  label.  Products granted an EC1 Plus are solvent-free, very low emission and guarantee excellent indoor air quality.

Two new brochures from Kerakoll
Kerakoll UK has just launched two new brochures for the UK market: a system brochure and a brand new product catalogue.  Both have been designed to make life easier for customers, from architects and contractors to installers and end users, by helping them to better understand the products and application requirements.

The system brochure is broken down into 10 common tiling systems, labelled C1 to C10, and explains the best products to use for each system to ensure problem free installation, covering surface preparation, fixing and grouting for each.  It also contains useful information on the requirements of standards and certification relevant to the tiling industry and has an easy to use product selector for all types of tiling and substrates.

The product catalogue gives a general introduction to the company and why it is a market leader for green building products.  It focuses on the product lines for surface preparation and the laying of tiles and natural stone, as well as hard wood and resilient flooring.  A streamlined presentation has been adopted with concise product descriptions kept to the point.  These descriptions are designed to work alongside the Technical Data Sheets that contain more detailed information on the individual products.

Alfix QuickFuge 8 Premium
Alfix QuickFuge 8 Premium is a rapid-setting natural stone grout.  It is suitable for use with all types of ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and mosaics, as well as for sensitive natural stone, such as marble.  Intended for interior use in dry and wet locations, it can accommodate joint widths from 2mm to 8mm.  The grout prevents discolouration and efflorescence, and is water and dirt repellent.  Offering fast track cleaning, the grout can accept foot traffic after three hours, reaching full strength after 24 hours.  It is classified as very low emission EC1 plus.

The grout is formulated as a cement-based powder containing polymer modifiers and has added lightfast pigments.  It contains quartz sand with grain sizes up to 0.2mm.  The grout is available in steel grey, graphite, black grey and jura beige; with colour swatches available on request.  It comes in 5kg PE-lined paper bags

Tottenham Court Road Underground Station refurbishment utilises Ardex expertise
Tottenham Court Road Underground Station opened on 30th July 1900.  Today, its location in the capital means it connects over 150,000 passengers daily; a figure that is expected to increase to over 200,000 when Cross Rail serves the station in 2018.

Throughout 2015 DMC Contracts, a main contractor for refurbishment works on London Underground, working alongside Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall, used Ardex products to complete the Tottenham Court Road Station upgrade.

Dave McCartney, Chief Executive of DMC Contracts says:  “We have a long standing relationship with Ardex UK, having worked for many years with their team, developing designs and completing a number of major projects across the UK to the satisfaction of our clients.”

The design required DMC Contracts to complete a full wall and floor tiling installation that included the bespoke production of pre-cast skirtings and treads for the stairs and walkways, and breaking back to the existing substrate, making repairs using Ardex Fast Track Repair Mortars and Screed Cements.

London Underground Ltd recommend the use of Expamet 267 Stainless Steel Rib Lath.  The metal sheets provide a solid, secure background, and are ideal for use in the refurbishment of damaged, old and deteriorated walls; commonly found in the underground environment.  Ardex AM 100 Tile Render was applied to the Rib Lath, which were profiled to suit the natural curve of the walls.  Ardex AM 100 provided a smooth surface, which was ready for tiling in the shortest possible time, just two hours after application, meaning the area could be opened up to public access without additional hoarding.

Ardex Microtec X 78 was specified to fix the floor tiles because of its extremely high bond strength. Additionally, the semi-pourable consistency of the product helped the tile fixers quickly and easily achieve solid bed fixing, speeding up the installation process.

Due to the demanding environment of the underground, Ardex Microtec X 77 was specified on the walls. The adhesive is resistant to moisture ingress and has a high bond strength, meaning it can cope with both the vibrations from passing trains, and heavy trafficking of the passages and platforms.

The products specified for use in this project included Ardex Microtec X 78 Flexible Semi-Pourable Floor Tile Adhesive; Ardex Microtec X 77 Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive and Ardex Flex FL Rapid Setting Flexible Tile Grout

Paul Forrester, Ardex Business Development Manager, comments: “Since its opening the station has seen many modifications over the years, and this project has been the biggest yet.  The main benefits Ardex offered DMC Contracts were, not only the rapid drying times and strength of the finished products, but the technical and onsite support at every stage of the project.”

Pourable consistency for solid bed fixing
Ardex X 78 S Microtec Ultra Rapid Setting Flexible Semi-Pourable Floor Tile Adhesive has a pourable consistency that is ideal for solid bed fixing large format floor tiles, without the need to butter the back of the tile.  Furthermore, tiles can be walked on and grouted after only 90 minutes.

The adhesive is ideal for all tile types including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics and terrazzo.  It is also ideal for swimming pools and wet areas and can be used in both internal and external applications.  It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Flexible lightweight adhesive offers a high yield
Benfer’s Lightflex is a C2-rated universal flexible adhesive that is notably light yet offers a high yield.  It main attributes include easy smooth application, high initial grab and good sag resistance.  Suitable for interior or exterior applications, it can also be used as a flow-bed adhesive.

It is used for fixing vitrified and earthenware tiles, ceramic tiles with low water absorption, clinker, mosaic and natural stone, except those stones that are translucent or sensitive to decolouration.
Uneven wall or floor substrates can be levelled out with Lightflex, up to a thickness of 15mm, prior to tiling.

Fast setting flexible adhesive
Bostik MC260 Stone-Flex Rapid is a fast setting, single part flexible, thin and thick bed floor and wall tile adhesive that will accommodate some vibration and movement and is suitable for interior installations which are not continuously immersed, but are subject to occasional wetting.

It is used for fast-track tiling installations of fully vitrified, porcelain and ceramic tiles, natural stone, terrazzo, concrete tiles etc. on mature dense concrete, cement based screed, sand blinded asphalt (interior only), WBP plywood and other substrates.  It sets in 2 to 3 hours, is suitable for underfloor heating and conforms to EN12004 C2FT.

High performance C2 dustless adhesive
Butech Super-Flex S2 is a C2 TE S2 classified high performance dustless adhesive, suitable for installation of all types of ceramic tiles on most common substrates.  It is particularly recommended for the installation of large format, light weight tiles, such as XLight porcelain tiles by Urbatek.  This single-component cement adhesive offers low emission of dust and other volatile elements.
It provides high initial adhesion without vertical sliding and a prolonged work time of more than 30 minutes.  It can be used in application thicknesses up to 10mm.

Optimised coverage and humidity resistance
Cermix, part of the Desvres group, offers Cermifix: a high performance adhesive offering optimised coverage and high humidity resistance.

Suitable for fixing ceramic tiles, it has a solvent free, eco-friendly formulations.  Supplied in 15kg sacks, it offers an open time of 30 minutes and twenty minutes adjustability time.  It can be grouted after 24 to 48 hours.

Premium grout is easy to clean
Codex X-Care is billed as a premium quality grout that is very easy to clean. Thanks to its closed surface codex X-Care is extremely stain resistant. Even the smallest dirt particles can not penetrate into the hardened material. This means that stubborn stains such, as red wine, coffee and cooking oil, can be removed effortlessly.

The grout is extremely deformable, making it ideal on timber substrates, where it compensates for stress between the substrate and tiles.

Ready mixed, the formulation is suitable for joint widths from 1.5 to 8mm and can be used with most tile types, including large slabs and natural stone.  It can also be used over underfloor heating systems.

White adhesive sets in just two hours
Evo-Stik has launched a new, white floor and wall tile adhesive, ideal for use with ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles.  Setting in as little as two hours, the cement-based adhesive can be used to fix tiles to a range of materials including wood, concrete and plaster.

Suitable for internal and external use, the new adhesive is S1 rated, meaning it offers enhanced flexibility and making it ideal for use with under-floor heating and other applications where there may be some movement and vibration.

Katharine Egerton, Product Manager, said: “We’re seeing a growing market trend for the use of porous tiles such as porcelain and natural stone, both in the home and in commercial premises.  Porous tiles tend to suffer from show through and, as a result, using a grey adhesive can cause tiles to look murky or dirty. This issue is made worse if the tile is light coloured.  In addition, when using a light coloured tile a customer will nearly always opt for a similar coloured grout. By using a white adhesive there’s no risk of ruining the colour of the grout or the tiled area in general.”

Highly flexible acrylic wall tile adhesive
Granfix Multifix is an easy-to-use highly flexible acrylic wall tile adhesive for fixing internal wall tiles only.  Waterproof, it is ideal for showers, kitchens and bathrooms.  It offers high adhesion strength when cured and can be grouted after 24 hours.

Supplied in 15kg tubs, it is suitable for bed thickness up to 3mm and can accommodate slight movement.

25ltr durable mixing bucket
Now available from Instarmac for the Granfix, UltraTile, UltraFloor and Wondertex brands, is a 25ltr durable mixing bucket.  Complete with a metal handle and measuring scale this transparent and robust bucket is ideal for mixing cementitious adhesives, levellers, jointing materials and much more.

Highly flexible, fast setting, cement-based adhesive
Larsen Professional Ultimate Flexible Rapid Set is a specially-formulated, highly flexible, S2 rated, fast setting, cement-based adhesive.  It is suitable for beds of 3 to 12mm, in  interior and exterior, floor and wall applications.  Professional Ultimate Flexible Rapid Set is suitable for fixing almost all types of tiles to most common substrates and more difficult Available in grey and white, it can be grouted after three hours.  It is supplied in 20kg multiwall, sealed paper sacks.

Bonds all tiles to multiple substrates
Nicobond Rapidflex is a fast setting, high performance, single part flexible and waterproof tile adhesive, bonds all types of tiles to a wide variety of substrates
With excellent initial grab and non-slip properties, it is designed for fixing ceramic wall or floor tiles, porcelain, mosaic and natural stones in interior or exterior situations where a resilient bond is required. It is ideal for substrates subject to slight vibration or movement.   It bonds to most substrates, including sand/ cement surfaces, plywood, flooring grade asphalt, hard vinyl tiles and tile backer boards. It comes in white and grey, offers a maximum bed thickness of 12mm and has a pot life of 30 to 45 minutes.

Nicobond Large Format Floor Tile Adhesive is a fast setting flexible and pourable adhesive designed to be of fluid consistency to aid bedding of larger format tiles.  It is formulated for bonding large format floor tiles (300 by 300mm or larger) to sand/cement screeds, concrete, plywood, floor tile backer boards. The maximum bed thickness is 30mm.

Nicobond Xtra is a high build adhesive with a traditional mortar consistency for bonding all types of ceramic wall and floor tiles including natural stones.  When mixed with Nicobond Enhancer 2002, it can be used for bonding to glazed and painted surfaces, galvanised and mild steel, power floated screeds and flooring grade asphalt.

Nicobond Natural Stone Speedflex is a premium cement based, single part, quick setting, waterproof adhesive with added flexibility., that has been specially developed for fixing marble, granite, slate and natural stone tiles in interior or exterior situations.  It is suitable for walls and floors where a resilient bond with excellent initial grab and non-slip is required.

Water-resistant, frost-resistant, bonding
Palace Chemicals’ Porcel-Fix is recommended for fixing porcelain and vitrified tiles to solid surfaces such as concrete, render, floor screeds, block-work and brickwork. Tiles can be grouted after just three hours, as Porcel-Fix cures to a fully water-resistant, frost-resistant, bond suitable for interior and exterior use and locations which are frequently wet.  It conforms to : BS EN 12004 C1FT

45 minute open time but sets in three hours
Rocatex C2FT S1 Rapid Flex Grey is a single part, highly flexible wall and floor tile adhesive for fixing natural stone and tiles including ceramics, porcelain and mosaics to a variety of substrates both internal and external.  It can be used in bed thicknesses of 1 to 20mm, has an open time of 45 minutes and a set time of just three hours.  It can be used to fix natural Stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles and mosaics; and can be used over underfloor heating.  For internal or external use, it can be used on swimming pools and wet areas as it is anti stain and watermark proof.

Non-slip wall tile adhesive is fast drying
Sealocrete Plagrip is a ready-to-use, PVA-based, non-slip wall tile adhesive, suitable for fixing ceramic, glass, mosaic, marble and expanded polystyrene tiles to most surfaces. For use in bathrooms and kitchens, it is fast drying.

Wetgrip is a ready-to-use, waterproof wall tile adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic wall tiles to most surfaces.  It is suitable for use in showers, bathrooms and kitchens, or areas subject to frequent dampness.

Rapid Set Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive Flexible is a heavy duty formulation for internal and external use with ceramic, stone, porcelain, quarry, slate, granite, terrazzo and mosaic tiles on concrete, plasterboard, wood and existing ceramic or vinyl tiles. It can also be used over most domestic underfloor heating kits.

Formulated for progressional fixers
Sovereign Chemicals has been manufacturing and supplying tile adhesives to professional fixers for over 40 years. The company offers a comprehensive range of ready-mixed and cement-based tile adhesives and grouts.

Goldstar Wall Tile Adhesive is a ready-mixed product, bright white and fast drying, that is self priming, waterproof and flexible. This makes it ideal for use in showers and over timber panels. In less stringent applications, Super Gripmaster Acrylic Tile Adhesive, a full bodied non-slip adhesive, may be used.

For floor tiling Sovereign offers a range of powdered adhesives in both grey and white, including rapid and standard set options. Quick Fix and Standard Tile Fix are both water resistant, interior and exterior adhesives for use over masonry backgrounds.

For use on timber floors or with fully vitrified porcelain or natural stone tiles, Porcel-Flex, a single part flexible tile adhesive, is recommended. Where greater movement is anticipated Two-Part Flexible Tile Adhesive can be used.  This features a rubber crumb and acrylic polymer blend for enhanced flexibility.

Developed to fix large format tiles
VitrA Fix Ultra System is a high performance, flexible, two-component, cement-based tile adhesive for fixing large format tiles and slabs, and has been specifically formulated for use on exterior walls. It has high water- and frost-resistance.

It is suitable for application to concrete, cement-based finishing coats, existing floors, heated floors and floors subject to heavy traffic.  VitrA Fix Ultra System is ideally suited for fixing tiles on olympic swimming pools, water tanks, and for industrial application where high mechanical strength and resistance required.  It is ideal for tiling onto low porosity substrates, such as existing ceramic tiles. With it is high performance, it provides an easy tiling of large sized tiles onto uneasy substrates.
It comes in grey in 20kg sacks.

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