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Revealed: The DIY projects Brits give up on the quickest!

November 2020

With more time spent at home, it’s hard not to notice the bits and bobs that need changing or maintaining.  In fact, Google searches show that 3,250 Brits have looked for ‘home DIY ideas’ in the last month!

But whilst starting a new project can seem exciting, completing it is another story! With that in mind, the experts at sought to find out what are the DIY jobs Brits tend to start but never finish, and what are the reasons behind it. surveyed 2,856 Brits and asked them what DIY projects they have started, but never finished.  Interestingly, most Brits answered ‘Installing Shelves’, with a whopping 54% never finishing the job.

In second place is ‘Painting Walls/Cabinets/Fences’ with 52%.  Whilst some people find painting a relaxing activity, it seems that more than half of respondents dreaded this task enough to give up! Sharing the second place is ‘Adding Wallpaper’, with 52% of people leaving this job unfinished

In third place is ‘Changing Windows’ with 47% of people realising they bit off more than they could chew when starting such a difficult job on their own!

Other DIY projects Brits admitted to giving up on the quickest are: Installing New Tiles (41%), Installing New Floors (36%), Replacing Taps/Shower Head (32%), Patching Holes in Walls (31%), Updating Cabinet Hardware (28%) and Changing Lights (23%).

The most common reasons for starting a DIY job but not finishing it were:

Was taking too long to finish - 56%

It was too frustrating - 49%

I did not have the knowledge to finish it - 46%

It was too hard - 44%

I did not have the money to finish it - 38%

Lastly, asked the respondents what happened to the projects in the end.  The top answers were:

Paid a professional to do it - 72%

Asked a friend/family member to do it - 63%

It remained unfinished - 34%

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