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Operate at your Best Using Modern Tile & Flooring Business Software

November 2020

Traditional business software packages deployed in the tile and flooring sector have technology architectures that are no longer compatible with today’s digital age and the related expectations of your 2020 customer.  

Today, modern business software, designed for the tile and flooring industry, is based on intuitive, flexible technology platforms that support a wide range of industry-focused features and functionality that can seriously impact your business in 7 key areas.

1. Friction less Trade or EPOS counter transactions
Modern business software can be fully configured to your trade or retail counter business requirements. You can fully optimise your processes to create the fastest order entry possible, freeing up your staff to concentrate on the customer, not the frustrations of a system that perhaps isn’t giving them or your customers the answers, functionality, intuitiveness or speed required.

2. Maximise Profit & Offer Exceptional Value
Your customers want ‘their price’, ‘a bargain’, ‘your best price’, so you have to negotiate but the trick here is to minimise and monitor this using some flexible rules that are enforced by your business software system. To do this you should be setting up your role-based access levels and controls. You can make such controls as tight or loose as you require and they can differ per role or user. It’s about employing modern business software to protect your margin 24/7.

3. Give Staff Only What They Need
Not everyone likes to work in the same fashion.  Not everyone needs the same functionality. Flexible tile and flooring ERP software gives you the freedom to easily customise user screens to ensure minimum key strokes whilst restricting access to only what they need.  This way you create a more empowered and productive workforce whilst maintaining maximum control through end user security policies.

4. Give Customers Only What They Need
You can embrace digital capabilities that will add value for your customers without offering a complete e-commerce store that your customers may rarely use. Perhaps all your customers want is an online catalogue so they can view your range, specification, and stock levels or perhaps what your b2b customers would really appreciate and use is an easy to access online account portal. A portal where your customers can access statements, invoices, order status updates etc. minimising the need to contact you directly. Modern ERP vendors, like Intact, can provide you with a range of fully integrated e-commerce or online options. Alternatively, if you already have an e-commerce site it should be tightly integrated with your business software. Modern business software can facilitate this is in a much more seamless manner than ever before using the latest integration tools like REST.

5. Make Better Decisions. Faster
With today’s business software you can use triggered workflows, exception reports and alerts that will enable you to automate countless tasks, processes and business rules to efficiently manage the day to day running of your business.  So whilst you can have regular reports set up to review your overall business on a standard recurring basis, you can also set up exception reports/alerts to focus on key factors that you need to be informed of in real-time so you can take instant action.

6. Improve Debtor Days & Increase Cash Flow
Our tile and flooring focused business software, Intact iQ, will enable you to automate and implement the most stringent and effective, credit control policy. Any company-wide credit control rules can also be refined by customer or particular scenarios. Automatically email invoices at the point of order entry and instruct the system to send follow up reminders at periods determined by you. You can also assign follow up actions to your staff. In addition, where customers have reached or exceeded your terms, warnings or approvals can be set up on the epos screen to alert staff. And finally, giving your b2b customers online access to manage their account with you is another growing feature our customers are availing off during the current pandemic.

7. Industry Specific Features
Working with a software vendor that is focused on your industry gives you the confidence that features of your industry are fully catered for and are aligned to best practice. Some of these include;
Connecting your software to product catalogues
Specials Handling
Batch Tracking
Integration with Design Packages
Optimised Stock Management & Forecasting…

To find out more about how modern business software, like Intact iQ, can get your business operating at its best visit

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