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Old and Cool Classics

July 2017

The retrieve of vintage models is still one of the hottest trends in terms of home design and décor. This is according to Tile of Spain which has just published its latest tile trend report.  This finds that those ceramic collections that hark back to the past are currently making the difference in the rooms; both on floors and as a wall covering all over the house, helping to create unique interior spaces.   The report notes that the current generation of ceramic tiles delivers the essence of older times through its colours, formats, patterns and reliefs.

Lately, the taste for retrieving vintage pieces has been exponentially increased for the purpose of decoration, and mixing them with modern elements has been the way to find the perfect equilibrium between retro and modern.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms welcome ceramics in walls and floors that are inspired by our ancestors’ houses.

Classic designs play a leading role in bathrooms, a part of the house that home owners tend to decorate with more love.  The increasing taste for evoking the styles of former ages has been consolidated in contemporary ceramic designs, with many recent collections including designs that feature traditional geometric motifs or floral elements inspired by the bathroom wallpapers in vogue in the early XX century. These are references that obtain a vintage look through decorations in blue, pink and grey monochromes.  They are usually present in small format tiles, from the classical 100 by 100mm through to mosaics, in order to create compositions in basic colour ranges that use the glaze as a weapon of seduction.

Today’s ceramic collections also include wall and floor tiles inspired by the patterns of traditional hydraulic tiles.  This reinvented classic fits many of the latest trends in interior design.  The availability of multiple designs means that this style of tile can be used as a continuous pattern or mixed in random combinations.  They can also combined effectively with smooth field tiles. This allows the creation of retro environments with a contemporary style.

Decoration with vegetation-inspired patterns is also in the spotlight.  These patterns are becoming subtler, smoothing the overall sensation, and are featured on coloured bases that also evoke a green environment.

The new tile compositions based on the mix of designs, results in a modern version of another traditional trend.  Those ceramic collections following this trend retrieve the memories and sensations of old homes from a contemporary point of view.  The collage of different patterns provides inspiration for decorating the floors and walls of domestic living rooms.  Currently, the most popular designs are geometric, Arabic and floral.

These design work in both black & white or colourful schemes, typically with blue and green to the fore.  They work well when contrasted with toned down flooring in smooth or neutral colours.


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