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New growth opportunities for construction platform DaiBau

May 2021

Henkel and South Central Ventures fund financially supported the development of the region's leading platform DaiBau, matching investors with construction contractors, with a significant seven-digit Euro amount. The Henkel business unit Adhesive Technologies has recognized the growing value of the platform, which gathers over 65.000 construction companies, architects, and other experts in property construction and renovation on seven different markets in the region.

"This particular investment will help us considerably in developing the existing platform and strengthening our market position in the region. It will also speed up the ongoing digitalization processes, which are having a direct impact on the market transparency and providing both end users and contractors with a number of innovative solutions," said Martin Pelcl, DaiBau cofounder and CEO.

"Digitalization plays a key role for us to further grow our business models and to gain competitive advantages across different markets", explains Adrian Orbea, global marketing manager at Henkel. "DaiBau has successfully launched and regionally expanded their digital platform over a short time-period and with this proven its capabilities and agility. The investment will enable us to further accelerate our digitalization strategy by gaining insights about end-users and contractors."

Jure Mikuža, Managing Partner of South Central Venture fund, that already invested in the paltform in 2018 added "We are delighted to welcome Henkel on board Daibau. Not only is this a validation of the business strategy that led to the accelerated growth of Daibau's business, but we also see this  partnership with Henkel as a step which will help the company to even faster capture some new market opportunities which could never be seized by such an early stage company on its own."

DaiBau has grown into a leading reginal platform operating on the markets of Europe, bringing together 65.000 suppliers and 5 millions of active users in last year.

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