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New business unit for Iris Ceramica Group

October 2020

Iris Ceramica Group has launched Seventyonepercent: a new business unit dedicated to designing sophisticated furnishing solutions for the wellness&bathroom sector.

For the launch collection, Iris worked with the design firm owned by Paolo Castelli to deliver an exclusive interpretation of the bathroom, with a focus on taking care of body and mind, where ceramics and other top quality materials are used together to create unique compositions that combine techniques and craftsmanship with highly sophisticated Italian design.

“The core values that have always been at the heart of the holding company and of its brands are now further explored in this new project. The balance between artisanal know- how and technological innovation in the ceramic industry characterizes a collection of top- of-the-range furnishings that expands the Group’s business into a previously unexplored market with significant potential,” says Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group.  “We are proud to embark on this new journey through which we intend to bring out the potential of design using ceramic surfaces as a starting point”.

“The friendship and collaboration between Paolo Castelli S.p.A. and Iris Ceramica Group highlights not only their technical and production potential but also another key, intangible element, that of design, which is essential for maintaining product competitiveness, in terms of both production process efficiency and market response,” adds Paolo Castelli.  “‘Good’ design becomes a key factor in translating this potential into commercially useful forms that can anticipate new style trends. The Emilia industry is very design-oriented, and this is why it has always been perceived as almost exclusively devoted to aesthetics, an aspect that concerns the end of the production cycle.

The launch collection comprises four lines - Globe, Inspiration, Suite, and Thirties - offering a range of solutions with a strong aesthetic appeal and sinuous geometric shapes.  Fine details, texture contrasts, and light effects are combined to create an entirely new dimension of space that elevates the bathroom to a whole new level, becoming a true haven of well-being.  Seventyonepercent will have its world premiere at Iris Ceramica Group’s new flagship store in Milan.

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