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Japanese firm to build UK’s biggest offsite village

February 2020

Sekisui House, Japan’s biggest house builder and a pioneer of offsite construction, is set to build over 400 homes at the Northstowe regeneration site in Cambridgeshire.

According to an item by Aaron Morby in, the new village of Inholm will be the largest in the UK to be manufactured offsite using modern volumetric construction.  Osaka-based Sekisui House is partnering with developer Urban Splash, and Homes England, to deliver phase 2A of the Northstowe scheme, known as Inholm village.

The development investment includes £22 million of equity from Sekisui House, £35 million from Urban Splash, and £30 million of equity and debt funding from Homes England.   The joint venture’s plans to build 406 modular homes encompassing a range of housing types, as well as later living homes and mixed-use buildings.

Designs by architects shedkm allow buyers to configure their homes before being built in a factory and delivered to site.  The majority of homes will be manufactured in Urban Splash’s House factory in Alfreton, East Midlands.

Mark Latham, Regeneration Director, said: “We want to break new ground and surprise people using the latest building methods combined with bespoke designs. We are offering a range of customisable homes and apartments to suit a wide range of  modern families, lifestyles and budgets.  We can’t wait to get going.”

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