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Fiandre revamps its architectural studio in Vienna

August 2021

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has recently completed the refurbishment of its showroom in Vienna, transforming it into FAB (Fiandre Architectural Bureau), a meeting place for architects and lovers of an elegant lifestyle.

The 400 sq. metre display area features a truly eye-catching designs from the company’s internal and external ranges.  Passing through an entrance portal, you enter the world of Fiandre.  Maximum Fiandre Extralite panels (in a 3,000 by 1,500mm format) have been installed in the generous atrium, in a green texture inspired by Verde Fantastico stone.

To show how the ceramic panels can also be used in furnishings, a stylish table and sideboard have been created with a pleated-effect ceramic surface, as well as a complete kitchen, bathroom accessories designed by Seventyonepercent, and many other objects.

The highlight of the new showroom is the meeting room set up entirely with Active Surfaces: the 100% Italian answer to the increasing demand for aesthetic beauty combined with an effective antibacterial and antiviral action.  These pieces are self-cleaning and eliminate unpleasant odors and atmospheric pollutants.

Art lovers can discover the innovative and revolutionary decoration system called “Design your Slabs”, which allowed a work of art to be created on a ceramic panel by artist Julie May Queen. Thanks to this personalized service, images and illustrations can be reproduced on ceramic surfaces, in all the available sizes, for indoor and outdoor cladding.

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