Solus Ceramics revives  traditional terrracotta

Solus Ceramics revives traditional terrracotta

Solus Ceramics has launched a new tile range inspired by traditional terracotta.  Nostalgia is an intriguing wall range that merges vintage quality with chic colour options and modern patterned décors. It is most characterised by the charmingly imperfect colouration of the plain coloured tiles, with each piece showcasing a distinctly hand painted style.  This unique design is complemented by shadowy brushstrokes, exposed edges and what appears to be worn and distressed corners.  These evocative features give the robust ceramic tiles the feeling that they are aged or reclaimed, adding to theme of ‘nostalgia’.

Nostalgia features a wide array of plain colour options including popular beige and white shades, but also includes deep greens, warm mustard and cloudy greys.

The tiles within the Nostalgia range are available in a 100 by 200mm size, which is ideal for most wall designs and are also supplied in a single natural finish, giving the tiles a distinctive matt effect. The surface of each tile is also slightly uneven adding to the rustic beauty of the range.

The Nostalgia range also includes a wide array of décor options described as patchwork products. The décors are available in four colour themes and come with a random assortment of 16 different tile patterns, ensuring an endless amount of unique designs can be created.
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