Rubi’s C3 System is engineered to improve the cutting performance

Rubi’s C3 System is engineered to improve the cutting performance

March 2021

With the C3 System - designed and patented by Rubi for use with DU-Evo and DV electric cutters - the user is able to select the water diffuser’s position depending the material being cut, thereby achieving more efficient blade cooling and cleaning and, consequently, better blade care.

The initials of the three core concepts - Care, Clean, and Cool - provide the name for this singular system.  To understand the operation and benefits of the C3 System, we must remember the two main functions of the water in the diamond blade cut.  Even though we always talk about the need to use water to cool the blade during cutting, the water is also necessary to clean away any remains of cut material that are adhered to the diamond band.  A dirty blade does not cut properly.  Additionally, the cutting of ceramic materials with water prevents the generation of dust and, therefore, reduces considerably the user’s exposure to the inhalation of silica dust.

The C3 System allows the user to select one of five predefined positions for the water diffuser and to choose higher cleaning or better cooling.  In addition, to increase the efficiency of the cleaning and cooling of the blade, the C3 System also minimises water loss.

The new C3 System, increase the performance of Rubi’s electric cutter when facing both abrasive materials and hard materials.

The materials of an abrasive nature, usually have a high friability so it is easier that the diamond band of the blade gets dirty.  For these cases the C3 System allows to find a higher position of the diffuser.  At higher heights, water retention is greater in the inner compartments of the blade protector which, in addition to the speed of rotation of the blade itself, allows us to obtain a more efficient blade cleaning.

During the cutting of hard materials, the friction of the blade increases the temperature.  In these cases, the increase of the cooling is essential.  Selecting a lower position for the diffuser allows the C3 System to retain a smaller amount of water in the internal compartments.  The projection of the water bounces in the internal decanter, allowing the water to concentrate by gravity in the cutting area and ensure cooling of the cut.

The C3 System comes configured from factory to optimize cooling.  This is because, at present, the hardness of the materials is increasing.  The result of the combination of all the functions of the C3 System, is a better blade care, and consequently, a higher performance of this consumable.

Keeping the blade in the best condition, not only improves the quality of the cut, it also helps increase the electric cutter performance.
The C3 System is exclusively available for Rubi’s DU-Evo and DV ranges.
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