Ready mixed grout: the professional solution By Jason Brunt, Ceramic Product Manager, Mapei UK

Ready mixed grout: the professional solution By Jason Brunt, Ceramic Product Manager, Mapei UK

October 2017

I know, I know!  Professional tile fixers are reluctant to talk about ready mixed grout.  But imagine a world where ready mixed grout was developed specifically for the professional tile fixer: behold Mapei’s Flexcolor, providing professional results in eight shades for joints 2 to 10mm in width, with the easy-to-use benefits of a ready mixed grout product.  By its very nature, Flexcolor grout is ready mixed, and sold in tubs with resealable lids.  This is a bonus, as any leftover grout from one job can be easily transported to the next site with no fuss.

So how does using Flexcolor grout speed things up for the professional fixer?

When considering the use of Mapei’s Flexcolor grout against a cementitious product, we are able to significantly reduce installation time frames, while still maintaining a professional finish:

  1. Time saved mixing. The product is ready mixed, so there is no time wasted searching and accessing tools, power and mixing buckets.
  2. Flexcolor is easy to apply in small areas, and any excess is easy to remove from the tile surface as you go.  Once dry, it has a uniform colour and finish, as well as being resistant to water and the formation of mould thanks to Mapei’s innovative BioBlock technology.
  3. Little or no polishing is required with Flexcolor, leaving the perfect finish.

Fibre-reinforced, Flexcolor grout is at the forefront of technology. With Mapei’s BioBlock technology, special organic molecules are distributed uniformly in the micro- structure of the tile joint to block the formation of micro- organisms at the root.

This inhibits the formation and proliferation of various types of mould on the surface of grouted joints, prevent- ing unsightly finishes and pollution levels in internal environments which negatively impact the health of end users.  DropEffect, a synergic effect, makes the tile joints water-repellent and reduces the absorption of surface water. This Mapei technology ensures that liquids on the grout surface are not absorbed but instead remain on the surface as a droplet, meaning the grout is much easier to clean.

Flexcolor sets through the evaporation of water content, becoming flexible with a high bond strength which is resistant to vibration and deformation of building materials. These characteristics mean Flexcolor is extremely suitable for use in both domestic and commercial environments.
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