On the level with Norcros Adhesives

On the level with Norcros Adhesives

February 2020

Norcros Adhesives is adding a new leveller to its comprehensive range.

Norcros Pro AF Low Prep Self Smoothing Levelling Compound is an ammonia- and latex-free, two-part levelling compound.  It is suitable for use on most substrates without the need for priming.

Norcros Pro AF Leveller has been specially formulated for use over old adhesive residues including bitumen, historically a problematic material to bond to.  There is no need to prime or remove firmly bonded residues.  This greatly reduces preparation time.

The quick-drying formulation means that ceramic and porcelain tiles can be laid in just three hours.  Other floorcoverings can be laid in four hours.

Norcros Pro AF Leveller can be used from 0 to 12mm in one application. With the addition of coarse aggregates, the thickness can be increased to 30mm.  The product is suitable for use in installations incorporating underfloor heating systems.

“We are confident this latest addition to our range of levellers will prove popular with flooring installers,” says Mandy Searle, Head of Technical Services.  “The benefits of both an ammonia- and latex-free formulation, combined with the requirement for minimal preparation and technical competence, will ensure that Norcros Pro AF Leveller earns its place alongside our well-regarded range of levellers.”

The Norcros Adhesives levelling range already comprises some seven products, including Universal Levelling Compound and a number of specialist levellers, such as Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco Levelling Compound, which contains recycled crushed glass rather than quarried materials.

Norcros Pro AF Leveller comes in grey and is supplied in a 20kg bag. It conforms to CT-C14-F6.
T: 01782 524140
W: www.norcros-adhesives.com

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