Marazzi’s Fabric range offers the textures and tactile appeal of textile-derived designs

Marazzi’s Fabric range offers the textures and tactile appeal of textile-derived designs

January 2018

Ceramic weaves and warps for the new Fabric collection of wall tiles by Marazzi.  Just 6 mm thick, the 400 by 1,200mm Fabric tiles were inspired by natural !fibres, evoking their textures and basic shades; with further enrichment provided by 3D structures, decors and mosaics.

Fabric offers a new minimalist and re!ned interpretation of a material that sports an expert weave of threads in relief in the Basket structure and a wavy effect in the Fold structure.  Added visual interest is provided by geometric micro-textures, graphic patchwork and unexpected decorative Taylor compositions.

Produced in five colours - Jute, Linen, Cotton, Hemp, and Wool - Fabric can be used in both residential and commercial settings, both minimalist or overtly decorative in nature.

Among the decors and mosaics, the Basket structure features an elaborate interwoven relief thread pattern, creating a texture of immense personality and tactile appeal.  

Meanwhile, the Fold structure is 3D decoration with linear pattern and geometric forms. 

Both are available in all five colours
Another option is the Canvas decor produced by digital decoration.  Here, the various geometric micro-textures create a pattern of broad stripes.  It is available in two colour variants: one warm and one cool.

The Taylor digital decor comprises several different textile-derived motifs that can be mixed to create a colourful patchwork with strong visual impact.  Available in two colour variants, again one warm and one cool, it can be used in panels or across the whole wall
The Tapestry decor is clearly inspired by damask fabric, but has been updated by the inclusion of metallic inserts.  It is available in all five colours.  Finally, the Lux decor has a 3D structure with subtle glitter inserts emphasising the pattern.

Completing the options are 400 by 400mm Mosaics, featuring tiny chips with small metallic inserts, and produced in all five colours. Fabric is particularly suitable for bathrooms, living rooms and public spaces.

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