Hydraulics, wood and marble designs are Gayafores’ top tile trends for Spring 2021

Hydraulics, wood and marble designs are Gayafores’ top tile trends for Spring 2021

December 2020

Unable to show off its latest looks at Cersaie this year, leading Spanish manufacturer Gayafores has presented its new ranges to Tile & Stone Journal under the caption “Feel with us the essence of Cersaie.”  

In this carefully-curated selection of designs, the stars are new hydraulic, wood- and marble-effect ranges.  In a beguiling combination of illusion and optimism, Gayafores conveys a much-needed message of confidence in these eye-catching new collections.

Grace (below) is a subtle reinterpretation of traditional hydraulic tiles, with a continuous modular pattern.  This eclectic and captivating design is based on a repeat pattern of stylised motifs, facilitating the configuration of powerful contemporary interiors.

The Grace range is suitable for use on floors or walls, exclusively or in combination with other finishes, such as wood, soft stone, or neutral cement.  It can also be used to delimit a specific areas, or as a beautiful feature wall.

The colour choice is exceptional.: Grace Beige combines pink beige and maroon; Grace Blue includes a medium-cold grey and a classic blue; and Grace Grey is composed of a warm, ochre-coloured grey.  The chromatic aspect of the three models in the collection is completed with flashes of brown and anthracite as the common denominator.

Lama Haya (above) is a new collection of ceramic wood-effect tiles that was inspired by plywood.   These floor and wall tiles feature thin strips, placed side by side.  The union between these strips generates an unusual continuous surface effect, with a touch of freshness and, above all, a lot of design personality.

Lama Haya helps to create natural, warm, and comfortable spaces: the beech-effect offering a uniform texture, light tonality, linear fibres, and fine grain.  The range comes in 200 by 1,200 and 150 by 900mm formats in two highly fashionable tones: Natural and Soft.

Finally, Gayafores has developed two new marbles that fully exploit the capabilities of the latest digital decoration technologies.
W: www.gayafores.es

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