Filigrane, designed by Philippe Nigro, sees Ceramiche Lea explore the beauty of texture

Filigrane, designed by Philippe Nigro, sees Ceramiche Lea explore the beauty of texture

August 2017

The Filigrane project by Lea Ceramiche investigates our perception of natural material compared to its imitation through reproduction on ceramic.

Filigrane plays with illusion, and uses the hi-tech of ceramic production, to create a neutral material; a surface for effects that is only possible with these new manufacturing technologies.

At the same time, by allowing the natural material effect to appear, the weave imposes an order, a direction, a sort of control of the material, but also provides depth due to the interposed duality of the natural texture and the geometric texture. Lea claims, with some justification, that this illusion is only possible with ceramic.

Filigrane Slimtech is an ultra-thin 5.5mm laminated porcelain panel offered in 3,000 by 1,000mm.

Filigrane was one of the novel products presented by Lea Ceramiche, together with Zucchetti. Kos, at the Factory – Material Land-scape exhibition, based on idea by Diego Grandi, at Milan Design Week 2017.

The new creations by Lea Ceramiche, were designed by Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani of the duo DWA (XYZ), Luciano Giorgi (After MG) and Francesco Librizzi (Primavera); as well as Philippe Nigro (Filigrane).

This exhibition explored the synergy between products, research and design that Lea Ceramiche, part of Panariagroup, has followed through for nearly twenty years in the Modena ceramic district.

Refined decorations highlight the high performance of thin Slimtech slabs, the result of an innovative compacting technology for porcelain stoneware that has revolutionised the traditional production process and led to the development of unprecedented aesthetic and design solutions.

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